8th September 2022

Automakers Need Robust Simplicity to Exploit Connected Cars

With software taking the lead role in the modern connected car, the need for robust on-board systems has never been greater. We’ve already seen concerns raised by the J.D....


14th January 2022

City Planners’ Green Light for UK’s Largest Gigafactory

The UK’s ambitions to lead the automotive industry in battery technology has moved a step closer with regulators approving plans for the nations largest production facility. West Midlands Gigafactory...


4th October 2021

Weekly Brief: BEVs Light Up Luxury and LCV Markets

The most expensive electric vehicle in the world is ready for market. The first customer-grade Lucid Air sedans trundled off the assembly line at Lucid Motors’ manufacturing plant in...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


9th December 2019

Jaguar I-Pace Will Get Small Range-Increasing OTA Update

Jaguar I-Pace owners will get an early Christmas present in the form of a range-increasing over-the-air update. The update will add 12 miles of range, roughly 8% of the...


3rd December 2019

Jaguar’s 570bhp V8 Star of New F-Type

Star of the facelift new Jaguar F-Type sportscar has to be its stonking V8 that elevates the car into the supercar arena. Boasting 570bhp, the 5.0-liter supercharged engine in...


30th September 2019

Weekly Brief: Driverless Dreamers Need to Get a Grip on Reality

This is beginning to sound like a broken record. Another carmaker, another tech company, another multi-billion-dollar partnership for self-driving cars. Last week Hyundai announced that it has teamed up...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


10th September 2018

Weekly Brief: Volvo’s driverless vision more delusion than dream

If you think city traffic is bad today, imagine what it will be like 30 years from now, writes Andrew Tolve. India is in the midst of the largest...

5th September 2018

Mercedes Pointer to EVs as Mainstream

The market for all-electric luxury vehicles is starting to heat up, with Daimler announcing a battery-powered Mercedes crossover SUV as BMW and Audi prepare their own new models. Daimler...


5th September 2018

Volvo Calls for Global Driverless-to-Human Communication Standard

Volvo is calling for a global standard for driverless vehicle communications as it launch its 360c autonomous concept. The concept’s aim is to tackle one of the main challenges...


3rd September 2018

Weekly Brief: Even a ‘Supercar’ Made of Lego is Now Possible

Don’t try to predict the future of automobiles these days, says Andew Tolve. Guessing what the future will look like is a dangerous business. Just look at the Bugatti...


28th August 2018

Backing Away from Privatization Only Ended One Act of Tesla’s Drama

It’s the sudden end of Tesla’s short-lived effort to go private calmed one storm but it’s not smooth sailing yet. The much loved electric-car pioneer company still faces a...


23rd May 2018

Waymo Could Dominate $2.8T Self-Driving Market

A UBS study finds that Waymo is poised to take about 60% of a $2.8 trillion market for self-driving vehicles.