Jaguar Land Rover

10th October 2016

Weekly Brief: Volvo brings V2V technology to the tipping point

Imagine if every time you drove over a dangerous pothole, skidded on black ice or popped on your hazard warning lights owing to a sudden stop in traffic, your...


23rd September 2016

Patience will be the chief virtue for exponents of the driverless car

Introduction: Rapid acceleration Assisted driving has come very far, very fast. Almost every current vehicle model sold by the world’s top manufacturers has at least some ADAS functionality, with...


15th September 2016

Driverless tech can’t rely on video games

Autonomous and ADAS-enhanced cars are now a reality on our roads. predicts that most cars will have some kind of automated features, reducing the driver to a co-pilot...


18th July 2016

Weekly Brief: JLR's self-driving tech that can get down 'n' dirty

Most self-driving tech and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) come with serious limitations these days. They can detect lane dividers but not if it’s raining. They can deliver autonomous...


10th June 2016

Tech will continue to spur changes among carmakers

Matt Jones, director of future technology at Jaguar Land Rover, kicked off the second day of TU-Automotive Detroit 2016 by telling a story about consumer perception. He said that...


18th April 2016

Weekly Brief: Declaration of Amsterdam sees EU unite for self-driving cars

The race to deploy self-driving cars has turned into real sport these days, what with carmakers and tech companies around the world angling to claim first to market advantage....


21st March 2016

Weekly Brief: Carmakers pledge to make AEB standard by 2022

Safety organisations claim that automatic emergency brakes (AEB) would save an estimated 10,000 lives a year in the US if they were standard across all new cars. That’s nearly...


19th February 2016

Until technology catches up, ‘Keep the Radio On’

Automakers and analysts alike admit uncertainty about the form and function of car radios even a few years from now but they concur that it will still be a...


15th February 2016

Weekly Brief: US government says computers can replace humans as ‘the driver’

Roses are red, violets are blue, self-driving cars are legal and coming to a street near you. Love, NHTSA Okay, so maybe the US federal government didn’t phrase it...


18th January 2016

Weekly Brief: Obama pledges $4Bn to self-driving cars at Detroit Auto Show

President Obama means business with self-driving cars — to the tune of four billion dollars. Amid all the shiny concept cars at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, despite new flagship...


26th October 2015

Weekly Brief: Hackers and carmakers beware, US government is coming for you

From OnStar and 60 Minutes to Wired Magazine and Jeep Cherokee to a whole Connected Car Village at the DefCon hackers conference, the past year has been one giant...


16th June 2015

Range Rover remotely wheels its way towards autonomous driving

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed some of the prototype technologies that its UK research team are developing to deliver autonomous driving in the future. The Rover Sport research vehicle...