Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

10th October 2018

Range Rover Cracks Notorious UK Highway

A notorious road network in the UK’s Midlands has been conquered by a driverless Range Rover Sport. The mess of junctions packed together running off the main dual carriageway...


10th September 2018

JLR Connects Old Classics to Modern World

Jaguar Land Rover is bringing top-draw connectivity to its classic cars with a range of retro-fit infotainment options. JLR’s Classic parts and accessories catalogue has introduced an infotainment system...


30th August 2018

Jaguar Driverless ‘Tips the Wink’ to Gain Consumer Trust

A carmaker has enlisted the help of a team of cognitive psychologists to better understand how vehicle behavior affects human confidence. British automaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has fitted...


10th August 2018

JLR Takes to the Dirt to Advance Driverless Cars

Pushing tech to extremes improves it, Jaguar Land Rover’s Nigel Clarke tells Eric Volkman. It was inevitable that autonomous research would veer off the streets. After all, the more...


11th May 2018

JLR combines interior simplicity with tech

In the past few years, the humble dial has become an endangered species as automakers shift to touchscreens and other fingertip controls. Yet, Jaguar Land Rover is embracing the...


8th December 2017

JLR sticking virtual bonnet badges on the connected car

Connectivity in a car can be an offering that plays to brand image just like any other traditional accessory. That’s the view of Nick Castle customer service director at...


18th November 2016

The Big Story: lightweighting innovations

Since the earliest days of the automobile, engineers have liked making big plays with materials. As time goes on, their dreams just seem to get bigger. General Motorslaunched fleets...


12th February 2016

Wealthy drivers cannot sustain Indian connectivity alone

India manufactures about 3M cars a year and half a million of them are exported, claims Kumar Kandaswami, senior director of Deloitte India. His research finds that 60% of...


21st January 2016

Don’t worry, cracks in the autonomous road are just disrupters!

Thilo Koslowski, vice-president, analyst and founder of Gartner's Automotive Practice, has said that, ultimately, the car will become a node in a much bigger network. This will create new...


4th December 2015

Video: Jaguar feels technical ability doesn't always justify the use of customer data