Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

17th March 2021

Fragmentation Holds Back In-Vehicle Payment Prospects

In-vehicle payments are literally just getting off the starting line but analysts predict this nascent business is about to accelerate into a multi-billion-dollar opportunity. This growth is especially anticipated...

By Robert Gray


22nd February 2021

Weekly Brief: Automakers Running Scared into EV Stampede

It’s a scary time to be a carmaker. I was reminded of that last week when Jaguar Land Rover hitched its future to electric vehicles. The company said that...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


16th February 2021

Jaguar to be Exclusively BEV by 2030

Jaguar has committed to 100% BEV production by 2030 in line with the UK government’s brought forward deadline to ban all new vehicles with ICE powertrains. The announcement was...


27th January 2021

JLR Lightweighting Project for Future BEVs

Jaguar Land Rover has created its own lightweight BEV composite chassis aimed at delivering increased range, greater performance and better handling. Its consortium backed Tucana project is a four...


17th November 2020

JLR Creates Irish Smart City Hub for AV Testing

Jaguar Land Rover is creating its own smart city technology hub to advance its capabilities in building autonomous vehicles. While partnering with global software, mobility and telecoms companies it...


18th September 2020

Second-Life Leafs Finding Happy Home in Russia

The BEV market in the Russian bloc of countries may be small but it has Europe’s largest fleet of BEV buses working in Moscow and a growing demand for...

By Roma Nazarov


15th September 2020

Jaguar F-Pace PHEV Pips the Power Stakes

Jaguar’s face-lifted F-Pace sports crossover now boasts plug-in and mild-hybrid powertrain options as the automaker accelerates its place in the electrification race. As with other PHEV powertrains in the...


25th June 2020

JLR Joins World’s First Commercial Wireless Taxi Project

Jaguar Land Rover is to join the world’s first high-powered wireless taxi charging project using it I-Pace as a test mule. The program will be run by the Norwegian...


19th March 2020

Automakers’ Control Over Software Outweighs the Risks

As with any technology, the ability to develop software in-house means that the developer, in this case the automaker, can control the ecosystem. Additionally, systems developed in-house provide a...


20th February 2020

JLR’s Fantastical Autonomous Dream

Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled its vision of an autonomous future with images of a shuttle-like concept vehicle. Its Project Vector imagines a driverless mini bus styled vehicle whose...


21st January 2020

UK Health Service Goes Electric With JLR BEV Fleet

The UK’s largest single employer, the National Health Service (NHS), has seen one of its trusts signed up to buying a 700-strong fleet of Jaguar Land Rover’s BEV SUVs....


6th November 2019

JLR Promises In-Cabin Revolution Using Wearables Tech

Lightweight technology pioneered by the connected wearable market will be used to transform in-cabin infotainment experiences, says Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). It also claims the technology so far trialed...