J D Power

28th October 2020

Consumers Lack Confidence in Autonomous and BEV Tech

Most American car owners don’t trust autonomous vehicle features and remain skeptical about buying BEVs. Those are the findings of the J.D. Power’s 2020 Q1 Mobility Confidence Index Study...


15th November 2018

Mobile Auto Loan Apps Are Key to Consumer Satisfaction

A report from J.D. Power indicates a well-designed mobile app has become one of the most critical drivers of customer satisfaction with auto lenders.


16th July 2018

AV Adoption Raises Complicated Insurance Issues

A Travelers white paper calls for insurance companies to start getting involved with autonomous vehicles at the policy-creation level. The report also warns that vehicle repair costs are likely...


4th June 2018

Insurance Shifts Gears for Connected, Automated Driving

As vehicles become more autonomous and drivers get more connected, the insurance industry is experimenting with new business models to serve customers.


27th March 2018

J.D. Power: AV Evolution Altering the Legal Landscape

A J.D. Power report conducted before, but released after, the fatal Uber crash in Arizona indicates a complicated road forward for litigating AV injuries.


12th February 2018

Industrial Mobility Adoption Faces Cost, Safety Roadblocks

Despite cross-country driving test successes, manufacturers are skeptical about industrial mobility and the immature technology powering it, according to a recent report from PwC.


29th September 2017

Clock is running on the driverless car

Autonomous vehicles, in addition to the technical hurdles and current limitations that stand in their way, also suffer from an image problem among the general public. “One of the...


9th June 2017

Risks may differ but don’t go away for driverless insurance

By reputation the insurance industry is often seen as a slow-moving beast but research suggests that their pace is changing. It seems that insurers are keenly embracing new technologies,...


18th November 2016

UBI business retention could be more powerful than discounts

In a marketplace where insurers are increasingly fighting against commoditisation, being able to retain customers is a vital skill. Using usage-based insurance (UBI) to incentivise purchase is just the...


31st May 2016

Weekly Brief: Uber finally finds its automaker partner in Toyota

You can only poke a sleeping bear for so long. First General Motors needled Uber with a $500M (£342M) investment in Lyft back in January. Then Apple jabbed the...


26th October 2015

Weekly Brief: Hackers and carmakers beware, US government is coming for you

From OnStar and 60 Minutes to Wired Magazine and Jeep Cherokee to a whole Connected Car Village at the DefCon hackers conference, the past year has been one giant...


22nd April 2015

Technology drives car demand for Millennials

The age group, otherwise known as Generation ‘Y’, are willing to spend more than 50% extra for new technologies in cars than post-War ‘baby boomers’. Spending an average of...