21st January 2022

Cummins to Power Isuzu BEV Delivery Truck

Isuzu’s partnership with powertrain giant Cummins has created a new urban BEV delivery truck for the US market. This is the first product to come out of the pair’s...


13th December 2021

Sollers Focus on EV Care Share even before Making Them

A mere six months ago, Sollers was keeping silence on its strategy in EVs. Finally, this autumn, the company has made its first practical moves in this direction, possibly...

By Roma Nazarov


28th April 2020

Isuzu’s Extreme First Responder Prototype

With many of our lockdown thoughts focused on first responders, Isuzu UK has created a prototype of its D-Max pickup aimed at those working in extreme off-road conditions. Its...


4th April 2019

Isuzu Claims Oversize Diesel Turbos Could Cut Emissions

Super-sized turbo chargers for diesel engines are claiming a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions. Auto specialist SuperTurbo Technologies, say the concept of marrying both turbo and...


14th September 2018

Nvidia Releases Drive AGX Autonomous Vehicle Dev Kit

Nvidia has opened up its Drive AGX development kit and announced a partnership with Izusu to advance autonomous truck technology.


27th June 2016

Weekly Brief: Smoke-and-mirrors act to turn Tesla into a green energy company

Imagine this: you go to buy a new electric vehicle (EV) and it comes with an optional solar panel for the roof of your home. That's the magical vision...


31st May 2016

Weekly Brief: Uber finally finds its automaker partner in Toyota

You can only poke a sleeping bear for so long. First General Motors needled Uber with a $500M (£342M) investment in Lyft back in January. Then Apple jabbed the...