16th March 2020

The Definitive Guide to The Internet of Things for Business

On your business journey, starting with a product or service, heading to connected products and services, the IoT helps create the advanced environment where massive volumes of business-critical data...



Connected Cars to Lead IoT Payments Market – Juniper
14th November 2018

Connected Cars to Lead IoT Payments Market – Juniper

The IoT payments market is projected to reach $410 billion by 2023, according to new research from Juniper.


2nd November 2018

AT&T & Daimler Partner on Connected Trucks, Fleet Services

AT&T is bringing its Detroit Connect telematics and fleet management platform to Daimler trucks in Europe and Australia.


8th August 2018

Connecting All Mobility Solutions in a Single IoT Hub

How future mobility service providers’ relationships could evolve, explored by Simmi Sinha. The innovation in digital technologies are transforming vehicles and how we interact with them, they are also...


30th July 2018

Hyundai Mobis Develops Steering System for Autonomous Vehicles

The redundant control mode developed by Hyundai Mobis prevents accidents due to steering errors that could occur when the vehicle is in autonomous driving mode.


20th July 2018

Startup Light Nets $121M in Funding From Softbank & Leica

Bay Area startup focused on 3D imaging believes its camera and sensor technologies can replace Lidar.


12th July 2018

Connected & Autonomous Cars Blog Four: Mapping & Harvesting the Benefits of Industry Intersections

The blessing and the burden of being an analyst who covers the IoT and telecoms technology are that the breadth of industries impacted is huge, and the pace of...


15th June 2018

Volvo Invests in Silicon Valley Lidar Specialist Luminar

In the midst of a high-stakes race to develop the most sophisticated sensors for self-driving vehicles, Volvo buys a stake in Lidar startup Luminar.


13th June 2018

Huawei’s OceanConnect IoV Platform Debuts at CEBIT

Huawei's OceanConnect IoV Platform, aimed at global automobile manufacturers, promises to speed the digitization of vehicles. The company took the wraps off at CEBIT in Germany this week.


31st May 2018

Toyota, Turing Institute Focus on Marrying Mobility & AI

The 18-month partnership between Toyota and the Alan Turing Institute will focus on automating different forms of mobility through the intelligent manipulation of traffic signals.


21st May 2018

How New Policies Are Driving Our Connected Roadways

To build a world for connected cars, a number of different initiatives need to come together. This not only includes developments by corporations, but government action as well.

Jeff Stewart


8th May 2018

MIT’s MapLite Tech Could Take Autonomous Vehicles Off-Road

Today's self-driving vehicles do best navigating precisely plotted roads, but MIT researchers have developed a framework called MapLite, which helps pilot these cars with less reliance on GPS.