9th January 2019

Mobileye CEO: Automation Can Save Lives Without Self-Driving Cars

At CES this week, Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua detailed how the company's technology can make driving safer, even if that falls short of fully autonomous vehicles doing all the...


9th January 2019

Intel Demonstrates AV Infotainment, Safety Tech

Intel is demonstrating infotainment, route-monitoring, and safety technology it has developed for autonomous vehicles at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The tech major is partnering with entertainment giant Warner...


27th November 2018

Mobileye Taps AWS for the Lifeblood of AVs: Cloud Computing

At the AWS reinvent show in Las Vegas, Mobileye is tapping into the company's cloud computing resources to create new autonomous vehicle technology.


19th November 2018

Bus Operator Claims Safety Tech Cuts Crashes, Injuries

A London bus operator says its trial of “collision avoidance” technology “has reduced avoidable collisions” and the injuries they cause. Abellio London says Intel subsidiary Mobileye’s tech has reduced...


30th October 2018

VW & Intel’s Mobileye Plan AV Ride-Sharing in Israel

Volkswagen, Intel's Mobileye division and the state of Israel are looking to develop a commercial autonomous taxi service in that country by 2022.


26th October 2018

US Consumers Think Driverless Tech Widespread in 50 Years

Although use of autonomous vehicles is expected to be widespread 50 years from now, US consumers are still highly wary of the technology. While current acceptance rates of autonomous...


12th October 2018

Intel & Arizona Partner on Institute for Automated Mobility

The partnership between Intel and Arizona is part of the state's big plan to remain at the forefront of autonomous vehicle development through testing and regulatory efforts.


19th September 2018

Mapping to Remain Vital Part of Auto Tech Industry

Where are you right now? Whatever the answer, your location is nearly 100% certain to be available on a digital map. Our increasingly data-heavy world, matched with real-time applications...

By Eric Volkman


12th September 2018

Renesas Looks to Mine AV Gold With IDT Acquisition

With its planned acquisition of IDT, Renesas is looking to make itself a powerhouse in the field of autonomous vehicles electronics.


26th June 2018

Toyota Invests in CARLA Open Source AV Simulator Project

The Toyota Research institute had invested a modest $100,000 in CARLA, an open source simulation project that can help in the development of autonomous vehicles.


9th April 2018

Weekly Brief: Real world driverless testing could be banned

ACM believes that we should test and validate self-driving tech before we unleash it on public roads. Andrew Tolve reports. In the wake of two fatal accidents in the...


19th March 2018

Weekly Brief: Lyft to build self-driving tech with auto supplier Magna

Lyft was happy to let others take the lead on building self-driving tech. Not anymore, reports Andrew Tolve. Don’t forget about Lyft. In the furious race to commercialise robo-taxi...