Intel Mobileye

11th November 2022

Waymo Begins Commercial Robo-Taxi Service in Phoenix

Waymo began offering its robo-taxi service in Phoenix from this week as it hopes to extend its services to other US cities. Reuters reports that investors have been concerned...


11th October 2022

Weekly Brief: Uber Back in Robo-Taxis as Doubts Haunt AV Gamble

Uber is back in the robo-taxi race. The ride hailing giant announced plans last week to deploy robo-taxis across its ride hailing network in the US starting this year....

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


5th January 2022

Zeekr Pitches for first Level 4 Commercial AV

Zeekr’s latest collaboration with Intel’s Mobileye sees it target becoming the first BEV maker to market a Level 4 autonomous vehicle. The sub-brand of China giant Geely with design...


13th September 2021

Weekly Brief: Germany Keeping the Auto Show on the Road

For the first time in two years, European automakers gathered last week to share their latest models with the general public. The IAA Munich International Motor Show was, in...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


30th October 2018

VW & Intel’s Mobileye Plan AV Ride-Sharing in Israel

Volkswagen, Intel's Mobileye division and the state of Israel are looking to develop a commercial autonomous taxi service in that country by 2022.


27th September 2018

ARM Zeroes In On Safety With CPU for AVs

ARM's is calling its newly released Cortex-A76AE chip the first in a series of self-driving processors designed for autonomous vehicles and safety.