30th June 2020

Insurers See Virus’s Unexpected Boost for UBI

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and livelihoods globally but one of the most startling and apparent changes has been the rapid decline in vehicular traffic. Insurance industry experts...

By Robert Gray


2nd June 2020

Automakers and Insurers Must Join in Reducing Connected Car Risk

Perceived benefits of connected vehicles is twofold: fewer automobile accidents and, in turn, smaller insurance payouts to cover damages. That is the ultimate destination but insurance industry experts say...

By Robert Gray


25th May 2018

Hooking consumers up to the benefits of UBI

How UBI can enhance the customer experience, explored by Guy Bird. The case for UBI stands to reason really: the more information your increasingly-connected car can generate, the more...


28th April 2017

Insurers face accelerating cyber risks

The auto industry is changing rapidly and with enhanced connectivity comes higher risk to security. Connecting more aftermarket devices to vehicles only adds to this conundrum as security threats...


17th March 2017

Connecting cars to new revenue streams

In-car connectivity has been causing carmakers a goodly amount of head-scratching. Since the first telematics services were launched, car manufacturers have been trying to figure out how to use...


18th November 2016

UBI business retention could be more powerful than discounts

In a marketplace where insurers are increasingly fighting against commoditisation, being able to retain customers is a vital skill. Using usage-based insurance (UBI) to incentivise purchase is just the...


5th August 2016

Biggest money is on mobile devices to spread UBI

If UBI is the future of car insurance then the mobile telephone will be its sidekick. PTOLEMUS Consulting Group projects that by 2020, 100M cars worldwide will be covered...


17th June 2016

Are fleet managers ready to embrace UBI?

Many fleets use telematics to keep track of their vehicles but that technology is underutilised when buying insurance. Instead of using telematics to get a discount from UBI providers,...


11th December 2014

IMS Comment on Possibilities and Pitfalls in UBI

Thomas Cook UK & Ireland has decided to feature TripAdvisor’s reviews and ratings on