IHS Markit

26th July 2022

Building Open Data Systems to Benefit Road Networks

The proliferation of connected vehicles and sensors embedded into road infrastructure offer manifold possibilities to collect and analyze data to improve road safety, direct maintenance efforts and guide equitable...


8th October 2020

Jury Still Out on Automaker Data Deals

Automakers worldwide are beginning to understand the data they collect from car owners is a valuable resource. As vehicles continue to their evolution towards software and application driven machines,...


5th October 2020

AVs’ Captive Audience Presents Infotainment Challenge

The future of automotive transportation will be defined by two domains: the driving function and the in-car user experience. As the driving function becomes more automated and autonomous, the...


4th September 2020

India’s Young Drivers Plug into Connected Cars

The automotive industry in India is on the edge of evolution with a high level of new innovations. Connected car technologies such as heads-up displays, smart infotainment and telematics...

By Simmi Sinha


3rd July 2020

The Data Battleground

There is a deluge of data being generated by the modern connected car. So, carmakers are relying on technologies such as cloud platforms, telecom infrastructure, high-performance computing, software platforms...

By Olena Kagui


8th April 2020

Making EV a Preferred Option

Electric vehicle makers may have a bumpy uphill journey towards mass consumer adoption, however, there are solutions coming to market. Analysts, researchers and incentive facilitators offer insight into how...

By Lynn Walford


27th August 2019

Aging Cars Show Why Automakers Push for EV

Latest auto ownership data will come as a worry to carmakers and also an added impetus to get more consumers into electric vehicles. IHS Markit research of the US...


14th March 2019

Emerging Markets Not Always Promised Land For Autonomous Growth

For the world’s carmakers, emerging markets are always on their maps – after all, they have the best potential for growth. This situation won’t change with the coming of...

By Eric Volkman


19th November 2018

The Disrupters: EVgo Jolting the Charging Network Business

Industry insiders, analysts and consumers agree that the growing proliferation of electric vehicle charging stations will encourage more consumers to buy EVs. The lack of infrastructure remains an oft-cited...

By Robert Gray


11th September 2018

Robots But Not as We Know Them Jim!

Louis Bedigian explores what robots should, and shouldn’t, look like in an automotive HMI future. The human machine interface (HMI) is set to become very important to the cars...


11th January 2018

33 Million Autonomous Vehicle Could Be Sold by 2040

An IHS Markit report sees the majority of AV sales taking place in the US, China and Europe.


1st September 2017

AI: The next smart step for automotive

Artificial intelligence – machines that can learn and act on their own – is enabling the automotive industry to make great leaps toward autonomy. In a few cases, it's...