IAA Munich International Motor Show

13th September 2021

Weekly Brief: Germany Keeping the Auto Show on the Road

For the first time in two years, European automakers gathered last week to share their latest models with the general public. The IAA Munich International Motor Show was, in...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


8th September 2021

Cupra to be All Electric Brand by 2030

Performance sub-brand of Seat, Cupra used its attendance at the IAA Munich International Motor Show to announce its commitment to become an exclusively electric powered automaker by the decade’s...


7th September 2021

VW Promises ‘Affordable’ BEV for the City

Volkswagen is hoping to address one of the main obstacles to BEV adoption by promising an entry-level vehicle sporting a European price tag of €20,000 ($23,633). While still a...


6th September 2021

Renault Presents its ‘Generation 2.0’ BEV

Not to let the German automakers steal all the limelight at the IAA Munich International Motor Show, Renault has unveiled what it claims is its ‘Generation 2.0’ of BEVs....


3rd September 2021

Audi’s Second Sphere Concept a ‘Jet for the Road’

Audi will unveil what it promises could be a “private jet for the road” complete with Level 4 retractable steering wheel autopilot autonomous capabilities. It will be presenting the...


2nd September 2021

Cupra UrbanRebel BEV Concept Claiming Hyper-Car Performance

Cupra has claimed hyper-car performance capabilities from the powertrain fitted to its ‘racer’ BEV concept at the IAA Munich International Motor Show next week. Its UrbanRebel Concept, which could...