15th July 2019

Seat’s Gearbox Points Way to Auto Tech Innovation

Seat will be supplying gearboxes across the Volkswagen family’s brands in a move that points the way automotive technology innovation should be going. VW announced this week that Seat...


8th July 2019

Weekly Brief: More Mega Partnerships Pump Up Auto Tech

The longer the road one has to travel, the nicer it is to have some company. This is true for human beings and for businesses as well, especially those...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


13th June 2019

Honda Targets Compact Urban Market With First BEV

Honda is clearly aiming to hit the urban short-haul commuter market with a lightweight compact car as its first mass produced BEV The Honda e will feature a relatively...


16th May 2019

Honda Joins Race to Find Second Life for EV Batteries

Honda is following the Nissan and Renault by planning a second-life strategy for it’s old auto batteries to as part of a drive to reduce CO2 emissions. The automaker...


10th May 2019

University Claims Fuel Cell Breakthrough Making Them Cheaper Than ICE

A Canadian university is claiming to have cracked the problem of cost hampering wide-scale adoption of fuel cell technology. Researchers from the University of Waterloo claim their fuel cell...


26th April 2019

Visa Gets Sirius About In-Car Payments

Even the most casual observer of the connected car space realizes that fully featured in-car payment technology isn’t an if, it’s a when. What’s more a question is, what...

By Eric Volkman


23rd April 2019

5G Extracts More V2X Revenue From Consumers Than DSRC

Top spot as the future dominant technology in the connected car world is still uncertain as dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) and 5G LTE wireless slug it out. Yet, as...


17th April 2019

Customers Always Value Driving Pleasure, Says Honda EV Designer

Driving pleasure will never go out of fashion for Honda customers no matter what the powertrain may be. That’s the message from the carmaker’s Honda E Prototype designer Kohei...


15th April 2019

Weekly Brief: Ford’s Dose of Reality to Driverless Dreamers

Ford is walking back its goal to mass produce self-driving cars by 2021. Speaking at a Detroit Economic Club event last week, Ford CEO Jim Hackett admitted that Ford...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


11th March 2019

Weekly Brief: Geneva Snoozes on Connectivity At Its Peril

This year’s Geneva International Motor Show is heavy on cars but light on connectivity. By “light” I mean that you could walk from one side of the exhibition floor...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


8th March 2019

Motorsport’s Role in Extending EV Adoption

One of the ways manufacturers are developing their EV and hybrid tech is by taking it racing. Formula 1 and the World Endurance Championship have both been using hybrid...

By Philip Oakley


21st February 2019

Tested: Honda CR-V 1.5 VTEC Turbo – Great Things Come in Small Packages

Miniaturization happens in many industry sectors but few require it more than the field of the automotive powertrain. Because while engineers battle to reduce the scale of hydrogen fuel-cell...