21st August 2023

How Autotech Can Fight Off the Hackers

Security becomes a key concern whenever anything is connected to a network and especially including connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). Earlier in 2023, TechRadar reported that “major security flaws...

By Graham Jarvis

27th July 2023

Automaker Consortium Battles for US BEV Charging Dominance

Seven global automakers have joined together in a bid to battle Tesla’s dominance of BEV charging infrastructure in the US. Tesla has recently been seen as having won the...


12th July 2023

Toyota Shifts Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sales Away from US

Toyota is shifting its hydrogen fuel cell vehicles sales focus to the European and Chinese market after seeing sales stall in the US. The automaker has announced it will...

17th May 2023

Japanese Motorcycle Brands to Develop Hydrogen ICE Powertrains

The big four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers have formed a research group to investigate creating small hydrogen ICE powertrains. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has given approval for...

17th May 2023

Stellantis Calls for new Brexit Deal to Save UK Car Production

Stellantis has warned the UK government that it will cease all car manufacturing operations at its Vauxhall plant unless a new Brexit deal is cut with the European Union....

1st February 2023

Autotech and Connectivity: A Tale of Two Cities at CES and MWC

This is an exciting time of the year for anyone interested in connectivity and the automotive industry. It is the midpoint between the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las...

By Steve Bell, Chief Analyst, Connectivity at Informa Tech Automotive Group


30th January 2023

Weekly Brief: Toyota CEO Change Playing Catch-Up on BEVs?

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda will step down in April to make way for new CEO Koji Sato, who currently serves as president of Toyota’s Lexus division. Toyoda has helmed...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


20th January 2023

Pricing EVs Out of the Market

Consumers eager to purchase BEVs could be excused for feeling bewildered and frustrated by prices, which continue to rise even as the cost of the batteries powering them decline....

By Siegfried Mortkowitz

30th December 2022

China Demands Recall of Honda Hybrids

Chinese regulators have demanded Honda recall more than 200,000 hybrid powered vehicles from the market citing brake pedal sensor issues. Reuters reports that China’s State Administration for Market Regulation...


17th October 2022

Weekly Brief: Polestar Targets Mass Sales with its First SUV

Polestar unveiled the new all-electric Polestar 3, the company’s first SUV and best chance yet to achieve global mainstream success. Polestar is one of the many EV start-ups that...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


7th October 2022

First Look at Honda’s Electric SUV for North America

Honda has released official pictures of its forthcoming first all-electric SUV targeting the North American market from 2024. While there are no powertrain details thus far, the BEV Honda...


17th June 2022

Tesla Tops Autonomous ADAS Crash Table

Pressure is mounting on the safety record of Tesla’s Autopilot cruise control software with 273 reported crashes with the systems engaged in the US since July last year, according...