17th June 2022

Tesla Tops Autonomous ADAS Crash Table

Pressure is mounting on the safety record of Tesla’s Autopilot cruise control software with 273 reported crashes with the systems engaged in the US since July last year, according...

24th May 2022

Honda Gives Sneak Peek at First BEV SUV

Honda has published the first artist’s impressions of its proposed first BEV SUV, the Prologue aimed at the North American market launching in 2024. It is also the automaker’s...


10th May 2022

Toyota Bets Big on BEV Prospects in India

Toyota is betting on India becoming the next global hot-spot for EV adoption following its $530M investment in the country. That’s the view of GlobalData’ senior automotive consulting analyst,...


19th April 2022

Weekly Brief: Carmakers Lose Interest in Auto Shows but Consumers Don’t

The New York International Auto Show returned from a two-year hiatus last week with a new look geared toward a fully electric future. The show featured a 250,000-square-foot indoor...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


11th April 2022

Weekly Brief: EV’s Hoping for a ‘Model T’ Moment

A hundred years ago Ford revolutionized gasoline powered cars by mass producing the first affordable automobile, the Model T. Now, General Motors and Honda want to do the same...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

29th March 2022

India Joins BEV Drive towards Battery Swapping

India’s unique infrastructure challenges are forcing it to consider radically different paths to electrification than many other nations. In her Union budget speech early this February, India’s finance minister...

By Roma Nazarov

24th March 2022

Honda Reveals its European Electric Future

Honda is focussing on the electrification drive in Europe by revealing its future strategy for the continent. Its latest hybrid powertrain vehicle to be launched in Europe later this...


24th December 2021

Japan Steals a March on AV Market if Level 4 becomes Legal

Legalizing Level 4 autonomous driving could place Japan in pole position to lead the world in advancing the rollout of the technology. The nation’s National Police Agency has announced...


13th December 2021

Weekly Brief: Mercedes-Benz Breaks Through Crucial Hands-Free AV Barrier

Autonomous driving isn’t autonomous driving if you have to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. It’s more like babysitting. Yet, almost every so-called...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


29th November 2021

Weekly Brief: Electric Cars Failed to Electrify LA Auto Show

The first traditional auto show in two years returned to American soil last week. Carmakers, critics, pundits and members of the general public filed into the LA Convention Center...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


14th April 2021

Honda Trials Smart Vehicle Charging in UK

Honda will begin a pilot of what it claims to be Europe’s most sophisticated home smart charging system for plug-in electrified powertrains in the UK. The system called e:Progress...


20th January 2021

Automaker Blockchain Bid to end Used Car ‘Clocking’

Blockchain security technology is being used to prevent pre-owned vehicles having their digitally recorded mileage altered, or ‘clocked’, by unscrupulous sellers. The process of ‘correcting’ a vehicle’s recorded mileage...