11 Dec 2018

EU Gears Up For Billion Dollar Climate Fine For VW

Most carmakers are still sailing a course into swingeing punitive fines by the European Union for missing their CO₂ emissions targets with Volkswagen topping the list. That’s the assessment...


10 Dec 2018

Honda Claims Eco-Friendly New Auto Battery

Honda claims an automotive grade battery it has helped to develop offers more energy for its size, lower operating temperatures and is much more environmentally friendly than current lithium-ion...


20 Nov 2018

A Leader in Autonomous Tech Has Yet to Emerge

Whether it’s a concept car, a pilot, or a press release, almost every US automaker has planted a flag in autonomy. Meanwhile, driver assistance systems get more and more...

By Susan Kuchinskas


10 Oct 2018

Tested: Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC Today’s True ‘Green’ Choice

One of the joys of a solitary long-distance drive is the time it gives us to mull things over while performing the constant assessments of road conditions, vehicle approach...


08 Oct 2018

Honda Demonstrates Anti-Crash V2X Tech in Ohio

Honda has demonstrated vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology it says is designed to reduce crashes at intersections. As part of the automaker’s partnership with the Ohio city of Marysville, its 33 Smart...


08 Oct 2018

Weekly brief: How the Honda GM Cruise partnership changes everything

Waymo has won the race to commercialize robo-taxis and that’s all but a foregone conclusion at this point. Its vehicles have covered the most ground, completed the most pilots...

By Andrew Tolve

04 Oct 2018

GM & Honda Partnership Looks to Close the AV Gap With Waymo

The partnership between GM's Cruise division and Honda is a way for both companies to develop better autonomous technology, while closing the gap between their efforts and Waymo's early...


03 Oct 2018

GM, Honda Join Forces to Develop AV

General Motors’ Cruise autonomous vehicle subsidiary is teaming up with Honda to develop an AV that can be mass-produced and deployed globally. GM says Honda will contribute manpower as...

11 May 2018

Voyomotive Unveils a ‘Check Engine’ Light for the Rest of Us

Voyomotive is offering car owners a different way for car owners to diagnose problems with their vehicle.


07 May 2018

Police: Waymo Crash in Arizona Is Other Driver’s Fault

An accident involving a self-driving Waymo vehicle and another car is raising fresh questions about autonomous vehicle testing, although this time it appears the accident was the fault of...


30 Apr 2018

Weekly Brief: Ford shifts focus to trucks, SUVs and mobility

Declining consumer demand for sedans and a growing mobile sector have pushed Ford in a bold new direction. Andrew Tolve reports. Ford, the pioneer of automotive manufacturing in America,...


16 Apr 2018

Weekly Brief: Uber Jump’s into entire transportation ecosystem

Uber prepares itself for an IPO with a broader focus on urban transportation. Andrew Tolve reports. It was a strange week for Uber. First, the ride-hailing giant reportedly spent...