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26th August 2022

Is there Potential in Biometrics In-Car Health Monitoring?

In the future, will your car also be your doctor? That’s not as farfetched as it might sound. For example, in-car breathalyzers have been used for years to check...

By Eric Volkman


29th March 2022

India Joins BEV Drive towards Battery Swapping

India’s unique infrastructure challenges are forcing it to consider radically different paths to electrification than many other nations. In her Union budget speech early this February, India’s finance minister...

By Roma Nazarov

13th December 2021

Sollers Focus on EV Care Share even before Making Them

A mere six months ago, Sollers was keeping silence on its strategy in EVs. Finally, this autumn, the company has made its first practical moves in this direction, possibly...

By Roma Nazarov


20th July 2021

EV Battery Swap Back in Vogue but For How Long?

Russia’s SberAutoTech has demonstrated a prototype of an urban mobility system named Flip, aimed at the robo-taxis and delivery markets. It is comprised of a hive of connected SAE...

By Roma Nazarov


16th April 2021

Driver and Passenger Monitoring Brings Zero Cabin Privacy

Driver monitoring is key to the growing requirements, globally, for improved road safety, with regulatory and safety bodies in Europe acknowledging its importance. This trend extends globally as the...

12th March 2021

Smart Parking Leads the way in Infrastructure Management

Smart traffic management solutions powered by V2X communications and artificial intelligence have the potential to significantly reduce congestion and emissions. However, successful implementation will require coordination between cities, automakers...