14th October 2019

Weekly Brief: Waymo Pledges No Drivers in Its Robo-Taxis

Waymo will soon go where no robo-taxi fleet has gone before. Last week the tech company reached out to members of its Early Rider pilot program with a letter...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


8th October 2019

Automakers Seek Control in Connected Car Software

Automotive software is now seen as a primary differentiator for vehicles. Some experts think it will become even more important if autonomous vehicles become available for ride hailing. Marques...

By Susan Kuchinskas


29th August 2019

Apps Become Spanners For Driverless Cars, Says BlackBerry

The days of aftermarket, do-it-yourself repairs could come to an end as automakers strive to secure their vehicles from an onslaught of cyber-security threats. Depending on the make and...

By Louis Bedigian


20th June 2019

Renault-Nissan Alliance In Bed With Waymo

Waymo has been chosen by the Renault-Nissan Alliance as its partner to accelerate autonomous mobility in the French and Japanese markets. In a statement the Alliance said this was...


21st May 2019

Remote Controllers Key to Advancing Driverless Tech, Ford Says

The long path to autonomy is proving to be more difficult than many anticipated, so it’s no surprise that a potential stop-gap is being introduced: teleoperation. From Phantom Auto...

By Louis Bedigian


3rd April 2019

Russian Autonomous Developer Unfazed by Western Giants

While most AV interested eyes are trained on the big US, European and Asian carmakers and tech leaders, a veteran Russian incumbent has made a big push into developing...

By Eric Volkman


22nd March 2019

Carmakers Must Take Ownership of Future In-Car User Experience

As the world’s automakers work to increase the autonomous capabilities of passenger vehicles and gear up for 5G connectivity, they will also have to reckon with changing consumer demands...


18th March 2019

Weekly Brief: GM Cruise Upping Headcount Won’t Get It Ahead of Rivals

General Motors’ Cruise is getting serious with just nine months to go before its self-imposed deadline to launch a robo-taxi service in America. The self-driving outfit announced last week...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

27th February 2019

Polestar Targets Tesla Model 3 With New ‘Entry Level’ EV

Volvo’s all-electric premium sub-brand Polestar hopes to take on Tesla’s ‘entry-level’ Model 3 with its new Polestar 2. Yet the Swedish carmaker seems to have already hit the wall...


14th February 2019

Driverless Cars Not Safe Enough For Public Roads, Tests Results Suggest

Autonomous technology is not safe for public highways according to a study by a consumer interests body. This comes following reports demanded by the California Department of Motor Vehicles...


11th February 2019

Weekly Brief: Amazon finally makes entrance into self-driving tech

With nearly every big tech company having entered the race for self-driving cars in the past 10 years, one name has remained conspicuously absent. The fact that it’s Amazon,...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


19th December 2018

Anthony Levandowski’s New Startup Looks to Shake Up AV Industry

The controversial former Google and Uber engineer, Anthony Levandowski, is back with a new startup called that looks to shake-up the autonomous vehicle industry.