20th April 2023

Volvo Adds Waze, a Relief to Your Smartphone

Volvo is bowing to consumer demand by installing the popular crowd-sourced navigation app Waze into all of its global products. Probably the biggest bonus for the many regular users...


23rd February 2023

Mercedes Claims First for its Own In-Car OS

Mercedes-Benz says it plans to be the first global automaker to create its own computer operating system by the middle of the decade. The premium carmaker has released initial...


7th February 2023

Next-Gen Maps aim to Re-Balance Detail and Simplicity

Every sat-nav user is familiar with the chagrin of missing their turn because the map’s lines and circles don’t resemble the real world. Yandex is blaming maps, not users,...

By Roma Nazarov


19th December 2022

The Challenges to Mobility Data

As on-demand mobility evolves from a concept to a reality that will transport billions of people through and between the megacities of tomorrow, several daunting challenges must be met....

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


27th July 2022

iPhone User Boost in Latest Volvo OTA Update

Volvo has begun the roll-out of its latest OTA software update for its vehicles with Google on-board claiming a variety of feature and quality improvements. One of the new...


29th December 2021

Waymo turns to China’s Geely for Latest Robo-Taxi Fleet

Waymo is turning to Chinese auto giant Geely to provide the latest models in its fleet of robo-taxis for the US market. In a clear rebuffal of the old...


14th October 2021

Blackberry Tech Collaboration Claims UX “Revolution”

Blackberry has announced a collaboration with technology giants Google and Qualcomm to “revolutionize” the in-cabin user experience. The company used its BlackBerry Security Summit 21 to launch a new...


27th September 2021

Weekly Brief: Chip Crisis a Hint of Future Battery Woes?

Automakers joined tech companies and chip suppliers last week at the White House to discuss the semiconductor crisis that has hobbled the auto industry in recent months. The goal...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


21st May 2021

Automakers Must Grab the Lead in V2X Data Battle

Carmakers will lose the battle for control of data from the connected car unless they take the lead in setting industry standards. That’s the view of Dr Engelbert Wimmer,...


3rd February 2021

Russia Attempts Road Map for AVs

Russian developers of driverless vehicles, intelligent transport systems and geographic information systems agreed to develop a unified format of a AV-specific open-source digital road model. The opening conference, held...

By Roman Nazarov


2nd February 2021

Ford Chooses Google as Connected Car Partner

Ford is to let Google handle its V2X data seemingly ending the debate over whether automakers will ring-fence their product and consumer generated information. The automaker has agreed to...


21st December 2020

Weekly Brief: Amazon’s Dive into Driverless is About Survival

Amazon’s self-driving car start-up Zoox unveiled its first robo-taxi last week. The vehicle calls to mind a shiny toaster on wheels and features four seats inside. The passengers face...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve