28th March 2018

Waymo, Jaguar Team Up to Offer Luxury, Self-Driving SUV

Waymo and Jaguar Land Rover announce a luxury, self-driving SUV based on the iconic car company's I-PACE design. The first of these is expected to start testing later this...


15th March 2018

Waymo Video Puts Shiny Happy People in Autonomous Minivans

With the company planning a major expansion of its self-driving car pilot program in Phoenix, Waymo greases the PR wheels with short video.


15th March 2018

Lyft & Magna Team Up on Self-Driving Systems

Lyft and Canadian auto parts maker Magna have teamed up to develop and manufacture self-driving systems for the industry.


12th March 2018

Waymo Joins Uber In Autonomous Trucking Race

After gearing up its testing of autonomous cars, Waymo is turning its attention to self-driving trucks in Atlanta. However, once again, the company finds itself in competition with Uber.


5th March 2018

5 Things Waymo’s 360 Video Doesn’t Say About Driverless Cars

Waymo 360-degree driverless car video is a good public relations production, but it leaves out a lot about what driverless cars mean for the future. Here are five points...


21st February 2018

Arizona OKs Waymo’s Commercial Ride-Hailing Service

Waymo is about to not only step into Uber's turf with a ride-sharing service in Phoenix, but the company also plans to take this service one step further.


13th February 2018

Waymo & Uber: A Truce That Will Not Last

Waymo and Uber have settled matters for now, but don't expect the harmony between the two Silicon Valley powerhouses to last for long, especially as the autonomous car market...


9th February 2018

Waymo Settles Patent Dispute for $245M Uber Stake

After a week of testimony at a federal courthouse in San Francisco, Waymo and Uber announced an agreement to settle their dispute, with Waymo taking a $245 million stake...


8th February 2018

Waymo vs. Uber: How Potential Partnership Turned Into Rivalry

During testimony this week, Uber founder Travis Kalanick claimed that he tried to start a partnership with Google's Waymo division, before the company hired its own engineers to start...


6th February 2018

Waymo Paints Uber’s Kalanick as a Cheat During Trial’s First Day

The long-awaited trial between Waymo and Uber opened Monday, with lawyers painting Travis Kalanick as a cheat. Attorneys for the ride-sharing leader countered, saying the Google-backed project was falling...


5th February 2018

Waymo, Uber Head to Court With Eyes on Autonomy’s Future

After several delays, the long-awaited trial between Waymo and Uber will start this week in a federal court in San Francisco. The lawsuit could determine the future of autonomous...


1st February 2018

Waymo, GM Lead Autonomous Car Testing in California

In California, General Motors and Waymo vehicles continue to hold the lead in the increasingly competitive self-driving car market, according to the state's DMV.