15th June 2018

Volvo Invests in Silicon Valley Lidar Specialist Luminar

In the midst of a high-stakes race to develop the most sophisticated sensors for self-driving vehicles, Volvo buys a stake in Lidar startup Luminar.


8th June 2018

Cadillac Will Offer Super Cruise ADAS on All Models

Cadillac is expanding the reach of its Super Cruise ADAS platform at a time when the semi-autonomous vehicle technology is viewed with renewed skepticism.


7th June 2018

GDPR: A Security Headache for Connected Car Makers & OEMs

EU's GDPR is now in full effect but car manufacturers are struggling with these new rules that force them to stop collecting information. In some cases, OEMs are being...


1st June 2018

AVs Accelerate: Cruise Gets More Cash & Waymo More Cars

It turned into a big day for autonomous vehicles. GM's Cruise division got an infusion of cash from SoftBank and Waymo is signing up for more Fiat Chrysler minivans.


29th May 2018

Car Connectivity: Time to Accelerate

Car owners and drivers are starting to demand more of their connected vehicles. For automakers, it's time to offer customers more security and connectivity features now, and not wait...

Kate Migon


28th May 2018

Autonomous Vehicle Sales Expected to Hit 5 Million by 2026

Sales of autonomous vehicles are expected to accelerate as consumers adjust to ADAS platforms and companies from GM to Google ramp up investment in self-driving cars.


23rd May 2018

Waymo Could Dominate $2.8T Self-Driving Market

A UBS study finds that Waymo is poised to take about 60% of a $2.8 trillion market for self-driving vehicles.


2nd May 2018

Didi’s Vision for Chinese Car Market Echoes Global Trends

China's Didi is making deals with a number of different OEMs, including Volkswagen, that could change the market for connected and autonomous vehicles throughout the globe.


26th April 2018

Ride-Hailing Demands Good GPS & AVs Will Need It Even More

GPS is a useful tool, but it needs to be more accurate, especially as autonomous cars take over the ride-sharing market. Here's what Lyft is doing to improve the...


23rd March 2018

Cadillac CT6 V-Sport Boasts ADAS, Connectivity Features

This ain't your daddy's Caddy – the luxury sedan boasts night vision, wireless charging and a 10-inch touchscreen display.


19th March 2018

GM Invests $100M to Build Cruise AV Cars in Michigan

GM is beefing up investment in two Michigan plants ahead of the company's planned commercial production of the self-driving Cruise AV.


28th February 2018

California Okays Driverless Cars but Demands Cybersecurity

The Golden State is looking to pave the way for driverless cars and other autonomous vehicles, but California lawmakers also want a degree of cybersecurity baked in.