GM Cruise

26th July 2021

Weekly Brief: Heads get Hotter as Robo-Taxi Market Heats Up

Ford and Argo AI will launch self-driving vehicles on Lyft’s ride-hailing network this year. The automaker and the autonomous vehicle start-up announced last week that their joint deployment with...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


21st June 2021

Weekly Brief: China on Song with AV Advancement as US Dithers

Germany was the first country to legalize self-driving cars, the United States was the first to commercialize them but China may be the first to take them mainstream. Last...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


16th June 2021

Driverless Tech Liability is All in the Wording

Designating autonomous vehicles as ‘drivers’ raises a variety of potential legal complications meaning self-driving cars will change how insurance companies price and sell policies. Meanwhile, governments, courts, insurers and...


22nd January 2021

GM Turns to Digital Giant in Autonomous Push

General Motors has teamed up with Microsoft in a bid to accelerate its capabilities in driverless vehicle technology. The automaker and its autonomous wing, GM Cruise, has announced it...


4th January 2021

Weekly Brief: This Year Could Underscore Necessity as Mother of Invention

Tesla delivered 500,000 vehicles in 2020, the electric carmaker announced last week. This caps off a record year that thrust the company into profitability for the first time and,...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


26th October 2020

Weekly Brief: Let’s Pray Tesla ‘Full Self-Driving’ not Hope-and-Hit

Tesla released its “Full Self-Driving” software last week, achieving an important, yet controversial milestone for the carmaker and the AV industry. The update makes Autopilot more autonomous than ever...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

21st September 2020

Weekly Brief: Amazon Enters the Driverless Tech Ring

Amazon’s self-driving car start-up, Zoox, received a permit from the State of California last week to test driverless vehicles on public roads without a safety driver behind the wheel....

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


3rd April 2020

GM and Honda Team Up to Accelerate BEV Output

General Motors and Honda have teamed-up in production to boost both companies’ chances of developing the next generation BEVs. The agreement will see the pair use GM’s global EV...


19th March 2020

Automakers’ Control Over Software Outweighs the Risks

As with any technology, the ability to develop software in-house means that the developer, in this case the automaker, can control the ecosystem. Additionally, systems developed in-house provide a...


29th July 2019

Weekly Brief: General Motors Latest to Slam Brakes on Driverless Tech

How starry-eyed we were 18 months ago? Waymo stood on the doorstep of launching its robo-taxi service and General Motors’ Cruise announced that it was on the precipice of...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

29th March 2019

Costs Could Be Driving Factor With Driverless Adoption

For all the brouhaha surrounding the dangers of Level 3 and Level 4 autonomous driving, few have questioned the dangers of Level 5. It is assumed that once we...

By Louis Bedigian


31st December 2018

Weekly Brief: 2019 Will Show Us Whether Driveless Transport is Really Upon Us

A week from now, starting January 8, about 200,000 industry professionals, 4,400 exhibiting companies and god knows how many self-driving cars will arrive in Las Vegas for the biggest...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve