18th February 2020

On-Road Belarus AV Tests Bring Closer Links With China

To most people in the western world, Belarus is just a speck on the map somewhere between Dublin and Tokyo. To technology experts, it is a small, albeit booming,...

By Roma Nazarov


App to Hail Only EV London Black Cabs
22nd October 2018

App to Hail Only EV London Black Cabs

London black cab users can now assuage their climate consciences by electing to complete their journeys across the UK’s capital city in zero emission vehicles. That’s because the black...


13th September 2018

Gett Promises Green Taxi Rides

Mobility on demand taxi operator Gett, is claiming its UK service now offers ‘carbon neutral’ cab rides. Passengers with strong climate consciences can pay an extra 20p ($0.26) per...


9th June 2017

Carmakers shifting up from hardware into services

Automakers are facing the biggest disruption to their traditional business model, ever. No longer is selling cars to dealerships and then obtaining aftermarket revenues from servicing and repairs enough....


12th September 2016

Weekly Brief: Ford loads up Chariot for its rideshare ambitions

Well that didn’t take long. Two weeks ago, when Ford announced plans to deliver a fully autonomous vehicle for ridesharing by 2021, it raised the obvious question of, for...


31st May 2016

Weekly Brief: Uber finally finds its automaker partner in Toyota

You can only poke a sleeping bear for so long. First General Motors needled Uber with a $500M (£342M) investment in Lyft back in January. Then Apple jabbed the...