geneva motor show

23rd January 2019

Honda’s EV Prototype Points Way For Global Strategy

Honda will unveil a new EV that could be pointing the way the Japanese manufacturer will be heading for its global markets. Because, while all Japanese producers will be...


29th March 2018

Humans, not bots, will drive tech change says Nissan

While it is clear that the rapidly evolving technologies in the automotive world will have a huge impact on the shape of its future, there is another vital element...


23rd March 2018

You’ll still hail the cab that suits your image, says Nissan

There was a time when many traditionalists attending motor shows would shy away from challenging new concepts and retreat back to the safety of ogling the latest monster V8....


13th March 2018

Weekly Brief: Jaguar leads the way as EVs dominate Geneva

A look back at the highlights from the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Andrew Tolve reports. Internal combustion engine powered vehicles may dominate car sales in Europe but you wouldn’t...


9th March 2018

Aston Martin Lagonda Pushes Limits of Self-Driving Luxury

The Aston Martin Lagonda concept car sports an interior swaddled in silk and cashmere, ceramic tile, and offers a radical vision of what a luxury mobility experience could be....


30th June 2017

Suppliers need to ‘copper-bottom’ driverless contracts

While there will be many business opportunities for automotive senior tier suppliers with the expansion of autonomous technology, there will also be some very serious risks. That’s because carmakers...


12th May 2017

Honda plans the car as an ultimate mobile device

Carmakers are facing an uphill struggle to attract a new generation of motorists into their products especially with the urbanisation of the world’s population. Also, the twin additional pressures...


28th April 2017

Ford sees auto tech as the new sales pitch

With a plethora of connected car and autonomous technology waiting in the wings to enter mainstream consumer vehicles, there remains the question whether any of it will boost car...


21st April 2017

Nissan places trust in ‘smart’ strategies for mobility

It’s probably no coincidence that with the increasing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) that the second of these two words has become something of a touchstone for Nissan. The...


17th March 2017

Volvo stakes its claim to a driverless future

Company car fleet drivers could form the first major market sector to see autonomous vehicles on our roads. That’s because, according to Volvo’s CEO Håkan Samuelsson, the commercial advantages...


13th March 2017

Weekly Brief: Hypercars upstaged by tech at the Geneva Motor Show

This year’s show featured 150 car debuts, from supercars to swanky all electric concepts. Andrew Tolve reports. Supercars hogged the headlines last week at the Geneva Motor Show, more...


15th March 2016

When will a car’s tech catch up with digital expectations?

If the internet is to be credited with having any material influence on humankind, near the top of that list must be how it has accelerated our expectations of...