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25th October 2018

The Disrupters: WaiveCar Ruffles Auto Feathers With Free Rides

A mobility start-up in Santa Monica, California is bringing the ad-supported digital economy to life in the car sharing business, writes Robert Gray. WaiveCar, which claims to be the...

By Robert Gray


13th September 2018

Hyundai Looks at Future in Mobility

How automakers are planning future mobility, explored by Robert Gray. Mobility’s future is now. Automakers are no longer talking about the long road into the future for mobility plans,...


28th August 2018

Japan Starts Self-Driving Taxi Trails in Tokyo

A start-up specializing in autonomous vehicle technology is partnering with a taxi operator to test self-driving taxis in Tokyo. Self-driving taxis are ready to hit the streets of Japan...


27th August 2018

Weekly Brief: Lookout, VW is Now More Transport Than Automaker

Carmakers don’t want to be carmakers anymore, writes Andrew Tolve. Just look at Volkswagen, which announced a $4Bn investment last week to transform itself into a device and software...


24th August 2018

VW Vows to Spend $4Bn Becoming a Mobility Company

Volkswagen Group wants to change from an automaker to a mobility service-provider and will bet about $4Bn on that effort by 2025. The plan includes connecting all its models...


24th August 2018

EVs and car-sharing – the perfect couple?

How the auto industry is making miles count more than cars built, explored by Siegfried Mortkowitz. Although global sales of plug-in vehicles are forecast to comprise only about 2%...


16th August 2018

Uber May Offload Self-Driving Unit as Costs Mount

Uber may trade its autonomous vehicles division to a partner to cut costs as it prepares for an initial public offering next year, according to a published report. With...


6th August 2018

Weekly Brief: Demise of Uber trucks shows how volatile driverless industry can be

Uber’s self-driving program was undone by a single pedestrian fatality and who says Waymo won’t be next? Andrew Tolve reports. The AV industry is balanced on a knife edge....


3rd August 2018

Driverless and ADAS 21% Predicted Annual Growth in Next Decade

A study just published claims the global market for semi and fully autonomous vehicles will record a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21% by 2030. The report by...


30th July 2018

Weekly Brief: Ford follows GM’s lead in fishing for investors

GM got rich when it spun off its self-driving unit now Ford wants to do the same. Andrew Tolve comments. Ford seems to be playing follow-my-leader to General Motors...


19th July 2018

5G Cars Coming in 2020, Joining Wave of Connected Vehicles

As 5G networks start coming online, look for more and more connected cars to have the technology incorporated into them, according to a study from Counterpoint.


22nd June 2018

New Standard Could Help Turn Smartphones Into Car Keys

The release of the Digital Key Release 1.0 specification is the first step to getting auto and phone companies on the same page about this capability.