General Motors

3rd September 2015

Insurance Telematics USA 2015 Day I: Still many ways to skin the UBI cat

Insurers have reached huge milestones in terms of partnerships and acquisitions, as well as introducing new products into the market. Yet, there are still roadblocks ahead: autonomous cars and...


13th August 2015

Why should the connected car mollycoddle its owner?

Four years ago I had the pleasure of being invited to cover the iconic Le Mans 24-hours race in France as a guest of Eugene Kaspersky, the malware expert...


6th August 2015

More than 1Bn customer interactions recorded by OnStar

Launched 19 years ago to automatically place a call from the vehicle when an air bag deployed, OnStar today remotely unlocks doors, loads driving directions directly to the vehicle,...


28th July 2015

Chevy invests $5Bn in connected vehicles tailored for emerging markets

Its Chevrolet brand has announced the huge investment to strengthen its business in what it sees as global growth markets. An all-new vehicle family is planned in a bid...


30th June 2015

Aiming for a Star risks taking your feet off the Earth

A quick tour of the new OnStar European command centre in Luton, England, sounded echoes of the well-established global base of the Renaissance Center in Detroit except, as yet,...


Auto Mobility in the Boardrooms of Ford, GM and Kia
29th August 2014

Auto Mobility in the Boardrooms of Ford, GM and Kia

Flight Centre Limited (FLT) has unveiled plans to launch its Corporate Traveller brand to the market as part of a strategy to improve its business travel market share and...


Waze adds $30 million Weekly Brief—10.24.11
24th October 2011

Waze adds $30 million Weekly Brief—10.24.11 is to launch its “Hotel Video Review” partnership programme for online travel agencies.