General Motors (GM)

11 Dec 2018

Weekly Brief: There’s Reason Behind Waymo’s Damp Squib Robo-Taxi Launch

Talk about a letdown. Waymo’s launch of its commercialized robo-taxi service last week was supposed to be a revolutionary moment in the history of the automotive industry. Here was...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


03 Dec 2018

Weekly Brief: GM Cuts Head of Old Business to Run New One

General Motors capped off its stunning week of announcements by revealing that its President, Dan Ammann, will leave his current role to become the new chief executive officer of...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


27 Nov 2018

GM Refocus on EV and AV Production

General Motors (GM) plans to make a significant change in focus of its car production strategy on to EVs and driverless vehicles in a bid to chase improved future...


26 Nov 2018

Weekly Brief: Turkey Day Traffic Trauma Ahead of LA Auto Show

Thanksgiving is a time of appreciation, turkey legs, hot gravy, family reunions and, of course, the great American tradition of sitting in traffic. Lots and lots of traffic. This...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


20 Nov 2018

A Leader in Autonomous Tech Has Yet to Emerge

Whether it’s a concept car, a pilot, or a press release, almost every US automaker has planted a flag in autonomy. Meanwhile, driver assistance systems get more and more...

By Susan Kuchinskas


19 Nov 2018

Weekly Brief: Tesla, GM and Nissan Unite to Save US EV Tax Credits

A crisis makes strange bedfellows. Last week three of the fiercest competitors on the electric vehicle front, Tesla, General Motors and Nissan, banded together to lobby for an extension...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


31 Oct 2018

Chevrolet Unveils Drag Racing Concept EV

Chevrolet has unveiled an electric concept vehicle designed for drag racing based on the new edition of its 49-year-old COPO Camaro drag car. The company says its eCOPO Camaro...


26 Oct 2018

GM Baits Trump With ZEV Program Calls

GM has thrown down the gauntlet to US President Donald Trump by calling for a nationwide zero-emissions vehicle program to be established. Trump has made no secret of his...


08 Oct 2018

Weekly brief: How the Honda GM Cruise partnership changes everything

Waymo has won the race to commercialize robo-taxis and that’s all but a foregone conclusion at this point. Its vehicles have covered the most ground, completed the most pilots...

By Andrew Tolve

03 Oct 2018

GM, Honda Join Forces to Develop AV

General Motors’ Cruise autonomous vehicle subsidiary is teaming up with Honda to develop an AV that can be mass-produced and deployed globally. GM says Honda will contribute manpower as...

22 Aug 2018

Too Few White Hats to Protect Connected Cars, Says GM

Auto industry is struggling to find cyber-security talent, General Motor’s Matt Mackay tells Louis Bedigian. With connectivity in full swing, cyber-security has become one of the hottest topics in...


20 Aug 2018

GM and Shell Partner on Instant Fuel Payments

The auto giant and the oil giant partner to make fuel payments easier using General Motor’s Marketplace app, accessed through the vehicle’s touchscreen. Dutch oil giant Shell and American...