Frost & Sullivan

4th May 2018

Big opportunities in driverless for the big suppliers

Despite running into unexpected roadblocks, some believe the development of the self-driving car is moving into top gear. While, for example, Volvo has significantly scaled back its Drive Me...


9th February 2018

World’s biggest economy poses EV challenge

Most of the world’s top carmakers now want to make electric vehicles (EVs) the mode of transport to choose.  The Washington Times reported that a race has begun for...


15th December 2017

Journeys on the edge: ADAS, data and edge computing

According to Recode magazine, “The future of advanced-edge computing is actually in autonomous cars”. The article says companies such as Intel, Nvidia, ARM, Harman and Qualcomm “see connected cars...


13th October 2017

Commercial mobility the biggest challenge for city fleets

The urban space is complex and dynamic, creating challenges as well as opportunities for city based fleets. One key focus surrounds new technology and subsequent regulation. Ginny Weeks discusses...


2nd June 2017

Truckers leading the autonomous charge

Self-driving car concepts have taken centre stage in the consumer vehicle market but, away from the limelight, technology is having a similar impact on commercial vehicles. Fleets could gain...


1st September 2016

Carmakers need mandates to help accelerate telematics in Brazil

Brazilians are addicted to smartphones and social media. People from all social backgrounds have access to the latest mobile technology, which creates a challenge to the automotive industry: phones...


26th August 2016

Young will spearhead Brazilian driverless revolution

Are Brazilians ready to let go control of their cars? That’s a key question when we talk about vehicle autonomy in Latin America’s most populous country and home to...


29th July 2016

Driverless cars will have to ‘understand’ human behaviour

In the ongoing quest to develop autonomous vehicles, researchers face a number of challenges relating to object detection, sensor technology, safety, software, reliability and communication.  In seeking to overcome...


27th May 2016

Call to arms as telematics battles for consumer hearts

Modern automobiles offer a wide array of telematics options but not everyone is convinced of their importance. Automakers have been trying to persuade the masses for several years and...