Frost and Sullivan

5th January 2021

Vehicle Subscription Services Taking hold in India

Car subscription has never been a popular choice for private car buyers in India where many take pride in owning a car as an asset. However, while car subscription...

By Simmi Sinha


17th December 2020

Autonomous Dream Could Face a Data Logjam

As vehicles become increasingly connected, different stakeholders are looking to benefit from the information that connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) provide. However, as TU-Automotive contributor Nathan Eddy says, the...

By Graham Jarvis

14th December 2020

Weekly Brief: Uber Slams Door on its Driverless Carol Singers

Uber’s self-driving car division is dead as a door-nail, in the timeless words of Charles Dickens’s great work, A Christmas Carol. “There is no doubt whatever, about that,” after...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


10th December 2020

Shared Mobility to Bounce Back with Virus-Safe Solutions

A study is claiming that despite the global downturn in shared mobility owing to the pandemic, the market will bounce back to worth $1.55Trn by the decade’s end. The...


1st December 2020

Machine Learning Models for Smart Cities

Smart city development will require the collection of large amounts of data and the ability to process, reason and make decisions about that data. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine...


25th November 2020

Virus Boosts Demand for Motorcycles and Scooters, Study Says

A global surge in demand for motorcycles and scooters is expected as a result of the pandemic, a study has revealed. Frost and Sullivan’s analysis, COVID-19 Impact Assessment, Recovery...


30th October 2020

Only Honesty can Make the AV Testing Map Work

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the US has launched its AV Test Initiative web pilot program. This project allows states and companies to voluntarily submit information...


16th October 2020

Reasons Why Connected AVs will be Software-Defined

Microchip maker Nvidia and car manufacturer Mercedes are planning to roll out software-defined autonomous vehicles by 2024. They claim that the vehicles will be able to receive over-the-air (OTA)...

By Graham Jarvis


1st September 2017

AR could point the real way forward

Research by Frost and Sullivan suggests that augmented reality heads-up displays (HUDs) will gain 10.4% of the European Union and North American market by 2025. The firm’s June 2015...


14th July 2017

Sharing data will smooth the road to smart mobility

PwC’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicles – Revolutionising Mobility In Society report finds that over 50% of all surveyed respondents feel that their mobility is restricted and yet the consultancy...


16th June 2017

5G could replay VHS v Betamax battle with connected cars

Frost and Sullivan has found that “autonomous cars [alone] will account for a $84Bn (£67Bn) market by 2030”. The claim was recently made in one of the company’s press...