Frost & Sullivan

10th April 2023

Why AI Needs to be Humanized

Connected and autonomous vehicles are highly reliant on artificial intelligence (AI) to operate. This led start-up Humanising Autonomy, a UK-based developer of behavior and computer vision AI, to consider...

By Graham Jarvis


28th March 2023

Reasons Behind the e-Fuels European Fight Back

Germany has thrown a monkey wrench into the European Commission’s objective of using EVs to transition to 100% carbon-neutral vehicles by 2035, a vital element of its aim to...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


24th February 2023

How to Keep the Customer Content with Infotainment

In November 2022 delegates at Autotech: Digital Economy – a webinar series by the Informa Tech Automotive Group – heard why infotainment is considered an invaluable opportunity for content...

By Graham Jarvis


20th February 2023

Will Driverless Cars Need Remote Human Supervisors?

Over the last few years autonomous vehicle start-ups have raised tens of billions of dollars based on their cars being truly self-driving. Yet, international news agency Reuters reported in...

By Graham Jarvis


15th February 2022

India Switches on to the Connected Car

Motorists in India are switching on to the connected car paving the way to an explosion of revenue opportunities before the end of the decade. That’s the view of...


7th May 2021

Future Mobility Solutions have to be ‘Tailor Made’

There’s an argument that changing customer behaviors are changing the world of mobility. This transformation will inevitably lead to challenges within the connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) ecosystem, which...

By Graham Jarvis


3rd September 2020

Enhanced Safety the Way Save MaaS

The global Covid-19 pandemic has left the mobility as a service (MaaS) industry in a precarious position. Many safety-conscious consumers have shunned ride-sharing services, while government imposed travel lockdowns...


4th August 2020

Insurers’ Role in Promoting Connected Car Data Sharing

Making driving data available through a data exchange offers substantial business benefits for insurance carriers. Benefits, not the least of which, is the ability to use, with proper consent,...


16th July 2020

The Disrupters: The Mobility Game Post Pandemic

COVID-19 has presented fresh challenges to shared mobility companies. Job cuts and a near-total absence of customers for various time periods in many cases, while cities face budget shortfalls...

By Robert Gray


15th July 2020

Cyber-Security Must be Future Proof to Match Car Life

More connectivity means more attack-surfaces for cyber criminals. So, as vehicles continue their rapid evolution toward rolling, four-wheeled connected devices, there is a growing call for automakers, their Tier...


10th July 2020

Hybrid Powertrains Predicted to Dominate Near Landscape

Hybrid powertrains are predicted to dominate global vehicle sales at least for the short- to medium-term. That’s the suggestion made by Frost & Sullivan’s analysis, Global Powertrain Outlook, 2020,...


7th July 2020

Regulators’ Mad-Dash on Clean Air Boosts Li-Ion Appeal

Government and city regulators around the world are ensuring the dubious carbon-footprint of lithium-ion battery technology will be over-looked in the near term. In Frost & Sullivan’s report, Global...