21st May 2019

Remote Controllers Key to Advancing Driverless Tech, Ford Says

The long path to autonomy is proving to be more difficult than many anticipated, so it’s no surprise that a potential stop-gap is being introduced: teleoperation. From Phantom Auto...

By Louis Bedigian


20th May 2019

Weekly Brief: Tesla Just One Automaker Struggling to be Credible

Timing can be a real punk. A week after Elon Musk regaled the world with bold promises of a self-driving future that included hundreds of thousands of self-driving Teslas...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


9th May 2019

Fleets Could Drive Forward Electrification

Commercial fleets are probably the biggest benefactors from the diversity of powertrains now available thanks to electrification. This is the clear message Ford delivered at the UK’s CV Show...


30th April 2019

Most Powerful Ford Transit Leads Diesel Charge

Ford has signaled that the diesel powertrain remains a major player for fleet operators with the launch of its most powerful Transit LCV to date. Among all the recent...


25th April 2019

Ford Tries Skateboard Tech For Next-Gen BEV

Ford plans to develop its next generation BEV using architecture perfected for electric skateboards. The powertrain will be based on a platform now being deployed by Rivian for its...


23rd April 2019

5G Extracts More V2X Revenue From Consumers Than DSRC

Top spot as the future dominant technology in the connected car world is still uncertain as dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) and 5G LTE wireless slug it out. Yet, as...


15th April 2019

Weekly Brief: Ford’s Dose of Reality to Driverless Dreamers

Ford is walking back its goal to mass produce self-driving cars by 2021. Speaking at a Detroit Economic Club event last week, Ford CEO Jim Hackett admitted that Ford...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


12th April 2019

BMW, Toyota and Renault Engineers Explore Driverless Standards

Engineers from BMW, Toyota and Renault have set up a working group in a bid to formulate global standards for future ADAS and autonomous technology. The group, working under...


11th April 2019

Automakers Working Hard to Build Trust in Autonomous

Concerns about safety are having a major impact on the autonomous vehicle industry, with the focus shifting to how automakers can win the public’s trust in self-driving vehicles. Meanwhile,...


10th April 2019

Ford Hits Back After Keyless Theft Risk Exposed

Hard-on-the-heels of a security alert about its keyless car entry technology, Ford has announced new anti-theft key fobs for its two most popular models. The carmaker had been cited...


8th April 2019

Ford LCV Data Harvesting Finds Best Rapid EV Charger Locations

Ford has trialed big data vehicle data harvesting to work out where EV rapid chargers are best installed in London. Data streamed from its connected vehicles has enabled its...


5th April 2019

Ford Pitches Electrification on All European Models

Ford is playing catch-up in the race to electrify its range promising to have an electrified version of every model in its European range. It did this during another...