15 Oct 2018

Ford Tests ‘Wait-Free’ Driving Tech

Ford is trialing connected vehicle technology in the UK which it claims could lead to the elimination of waiting times for drivers. The automaker has been demonstrating its V2V...


11 Oct 2018

Rand Study Calls for Greater Self-Driving Vehicles Safety Standards

Automakers and governments need to work together in order to share information and develop a common set of safety standards for autonomous vehicles, according to the Rand Corporation.


09 Oct 2018

Ford Reorganization Won’t Affect AV, Smart Mobility Units

While Ford is looking to slash positions in some of the older parts of the company, newer, more innovative areas such as autonomous vehicles and smart mobility will remain...


04 Oct 2018

GM & Honda Partnership Looks to Close the AV Gap With Waymo

The partnership between GM's Cruise division and Honda is a way for both companies to develop better autonomous technology, while closing the gap between their efforts and Waymo's early...


03 Oct 2018

Ford Seeks a Universal Language for Driverless Vehicles

Ford is testing new technology in some of its vehicles that can show whether a car is driving, yielding or accelerating. The company hopes this becomes the gold standard...


26 Sep 2018

Ford Developing Accident Warning Tech for CVs

Ford is developing technology that it claims could warn drivers of connected vehicles about accidents on the road ahead. In collaboration with Vodafone, the automaker is testing a system...


19 Sep 2018

Renault Robo-Pods for Last-Mile Deliveries

Renault has unveiled its concept solution for an autonomous last-mile delivery vehicle it dubs the ‘robo-pod’. The Renault EZ-PRO is a driverless, electric, connected and shared robotic pod concept...


17 Sep 2018

Ford’s Connected Focus Winning Consumer Hearts

Carmakers have long been attempting to find ways to make their products as much as possible interoperable and, even, interchangeable with their consumers’ smartphones. They are doing this with...


13 Sep 2018

Hyundai Looks at Future in Mobility

How automakers are planning future mobility, explored by Robert Gray. Mobility’s future is now. Automakers are no longer talking about the long road into the future for mobility plans,...


11 Sep 2018

Ford Adds Off-Road Cruise Control to F-150 Raptor Pickup

While a number of research institutes and automakers are still working on off-road ADAS platforms, Ford is bringing Trail Control to market this year.


10 Sep 2018

US Driverless Bills ‘Running Out of Time’

Proponents of a bill intended to kickstart US autonomous vehicle development are stepping up pressure to get it passed but lawmakers seem to be as divided as ever. The...


07 Sep 2018

FCA Driverless Plan Invests $30M in Historic Test Center

The historic car testing site at Chelsea Proving Grounds in Michigan is where Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) plans to run its autonomous vehicle research. FCA announced it is investing...