30th September 2021

Ford Races Ahead with BEV Investment

Ford has accelerated to the front of the electrified pack with a whopping investment in both BEV and battery production in the US. This week it pledged itself to...


27th September 2021

Weekly Brief: Chip Crisis a Hint of Future Battery Woes?

Automakers joined tech companies and chip suppliers last week at the White House to discuss the semiconductor crisis that has hobbled the auto industry in recent months. The goal...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


22nd September 2021

The State of the Connected Autonomous Nation

Connected, autonomous vehicles traveling down their own designated, uncongested lanes and improving mobility on a smart highway. That is the reality which a joint venture aims to create in...

By Robert Gray

27th August 2021

Ford Claims Long-Range BEV Summer Holidays a Reality

Ford is claiming its all-electric performance SUV, the Mustang Mach-E, has the range capability to silence critics of BEV transport. Based on its official WLTP rating, the car could...


23rd August 2021

Weekly Brief: Unconnected Cars Come into their Own Amid Semiconductor Crisis

The global shortage of semiconductors continued to wreak havoc across the automotive industry last week. Semiconductors, which enable technology like in-dash infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems, have been...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


20th August 2021

OTA Upgrades as Post Sales Revenue Generators

Over-the-air (OTA) software updates are seen by virtually all automakers as a critical avenue to high margin revenue generation. However, so far, only Tesla has fully exploited the capability...


9th August 2021

Weekly Brief: Auto Start-Ups Suffer Fall-Out from SPAC Attack

The automotive industry’s relationship with special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) is on the rocks. At the height of the pandemic in 2020, a number of start-ups across the industry, particularly...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


26th July 2021

Weekly Brief: Heads get Hotter as Robo-Taxi Market Heats Up

Ford and Argo AI will launch self-driving vehicles on Lyft’s ride-hailing network this year. The automaker and the autonomous vehicle start-up announced last week that their joint deployment with...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


22nd July 2021

Ford Partners with Octo for Embedded UBI

Ford has opted to partner with an established UBI provider to secure insurance needs for its customers. It has announced an agreement with Octo Telematics to embed its predictive...


15th July 2021

With V2X You Don’t have to Put on the Red Light

In the not-too-distant future, will traffic lights cease to exist? That is the premise of an intriguing research project launched in England by Ford in 2016, in which the...

By Eric Volkman


6th July 2021

Weekly Brief: Cheap, Clean Lithium is Key to BEV Success

A fire erupted on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico last week, as a gas leak from an underwater pipeline operated by Mexican oil company Pemex fueled the...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


28th June 2021

Weekly Brief: EVs Pick Their Way through US Political Minefield

The electric vehicle revolution got a boost in the United States last week, as President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill came one step closer to fruition. A bipartisan group of...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve