14th September 2023

Ford Turns to Hybrid for F-150 as BEV Truck Sales Flag

Ford is turning to the ‘Toyota’ way of thinking by doubling its production of hybrid F-150 pickup trucks next year following a miserable take-up of its F-150 Lightning BEV....


29th August 2023

What Equates to a Smarter Automotive Future?

In Britain there is much derision for so-called ‘smart motorways’, with drivers often considering them to be both dumb and dangerous. Most motorists will have a large list of...

By Graham Jarvis


25th August 2023

Ford Joins Toyota’s Lead into More Hybrid Powertrain Production

In a bid to plug the gap between automaker’s over-blown sales ambitions for BEVs and consumer demand for practical ‘green’ transport here-and-now, Ford has joined the race towards self-charging...


21st August 2023

How Autotech Can Fight Off the Hackers

Security becomes a key concern whenever anything is connected to a network and especially including connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). Earlier in 2023, TechRadar reported that “major security flaws...

By Graham Jarvis

11th August 2023

Ford Looks to Software Revenues to Drive LCV Profits

Software defined vehicle revenues are expected to boost Ford’s earning power from its commercial truck and van products. That’s the view of the chief financial officer of Ford Pro,...


1st August 2023

Ford to Triple Output of BEV F-150 Lightning Truck

Ford says it plans to triple production of its F-150 Lightning BEV truck doubling down on the bet that mainstream US consumers are ready to switch from ICE powertrains....


27th July 2023

Automaker Consortium Battles for US BEV Charging Dominance

Seven global automakers have joined together in a bid to battle Tesla’s dominance of BEV charging infrastructure in the US. Tesla has recently been seen as having won the...


20th July 2023

Magna Announces Three Extra BEV Focused Supply Facilities

Tier 1 automotive supplier, Magna, plans to invest $790M building to build three new BEV focused facilities with two of them at Ford’s BlueOval City campus in Tennessee. These...


17th July 2023

Tesla Finally Claims its Cybertruck in Production

Tesla claims to have finally built its first Cybertruck BEV pickup a full two years after it was supposed to be on sale. Assembled at the company’s plant in...


5th July 2023

Vital Move Towards Standard BEV Chargers

Ever used to forging its own path, Tesla has a proprietary standard, North American Charging Standard (NACS), for its charging connectors and charging stations. However, a recent deal with...

By Eric Volkman


27th June 2023

Ford Joins Call for Closer UK/EU Automotive Trade Deal

Ford has backed up Stellantis’s call for the UK to better align itself with European Union regulations and renegotiate its Brexit deal. Its chairman, Tim Slatter told the BBC...


23rd June 2023

Automotive Industry Warned Lithium Supply Won’t Meet Demand

Global lithium producers are warning that there may not be enough supply of the automotive battery ingredient to feed expansion of BEV sales. They cite delays in mine permitting,...