30 Nov 2018

Ford’s Big Data Study May Predict Accident Black Spots

Ford claims it has managed to crack a major challenge for smart cities with a system that can predict where accidents will happen. By employing big data technology, Ford...


28 Nov 2018

GM’s Cost Cutting Means High-Stakes Betting on Electric & Autonomous Vehicles

With GM cutting 14,000 jobs and closing five factories, the company is signaling that it's betting a big portion of its future on electric and autonomous vehicles.


21 Nov 2018

Ford Looks to Pack AV Sensors Into Side Mirrors

Ungainly, experimental-looking autonomous cars may become less conspicuous, and more aerodynamic, if Ford turns a recent patent application into a feature. Ford Global Technologies filed a patent application last...


20 Nov 2018

A Leader in Autonomous Tech Has Yet to Emerge

Whether it’s a concept car, a pilot, or a press release, almost every US automaker has planted a flag in autonomy. Meanwhile, driver assistance systems get more and more...

By Susan Kuchinskas


20 Nov 2018

Helping Driverless Cars ‘Feel’ the Road

The artificial intelligence that controls highly automated vehicles is starting to go where the rubber hits the road. Autonomous cars, and automated features like adaptive cruise control, work almost...


15 Nov 2018

Ford to Test AV Grocery Deliveries

Ford is partnering with Walmart to explore grocery delivery via autonomous vehicles. The move follows the retail giant’s experimental operation of AVs for the purpose of ferrying its customers to...


14 Nov 2018

Ford Acquires Electric Scooter Start-Up

Ford has acquired a San Francisco electric scooter-sharing start-up. Spin, the start-up in question, positions itself as a provider of ‘first-mile’ and ‘last-mile’ transportation services “in 13 cities and campuses across...


31 Oct 2018

Ford & Baidu Partner on Autonomous Vehicle Testing in Beijing

Ford and Baidu plan to bring Level 4 autonomous vehicles to the streets of Beijing. Right now, Daimler's self-driving cars are already on the road in the capital.


26 Oct 2018

Ford to Trial AVs in DC

Ford is to roll out an autonomous vehicle service in Washington DC, in what it’s claiming will be a first for the city. Sherif Marakby, CEO of Ford Autonomous...


24 Oct 2018

Nvidia: More Computing Power Makes for Safer AVs

In a filing with the US DOT, Nvidia details how more computing power, whether it's in the data center or on the road, is key to autonomous vehicle safety.


15 Oct 2018

Ford Tests ‘Wait-Free’ Driving Tech

Ford is trialing connected vehicle technology in the UK which it claims could lead to the elimination of waiting times for drivers. The automaker has been demonstrating its V2V...


11 Oct 2018

Rand Study Calls for Greater Self-Driving Vehicles Safety Standards

Automakers and governments need to work together in order to share information and develop a common set of safety standards for autonomous vehicles, according to the Rand Corporation.