11th June 2018

Daimler Opens Automated Truck R&D Center in Oregon

Daimler has officially opened an automated truck R&D facility in Oregon, along with rolling out two electric trucks for North America.


29th May 2018

EU Bets Truck Platooning Could Result in Huge Fuel Savings

The European Union is investing heavily in truck platooning to not only save fuel, but also to reduce accidents and make the transportation of goods more efficient.


10th May 2018

Future Ubers May Fly. Will Cities Let Them?

If Uber is having problems with its current Earth-bound fleet of ride-sharing vehicles, imagine the issues when it takes its service to the skies above major cities.


21st March 2018

Avis Bets Connected Toyotas Will Make Car Rentals Easier

Ride-sharing services have upended the rental car industry. Avis, however, is betting the addition of 10,000 connected Toyotas can help the company stay ahead.


14th March 2018

Verizon’s Fleet Management Push Signals Telematics Importance

Verizon has consolidated its fleet management acquisitions into one group dubbed Verizon Connect, which will look to bring new telematic technologies to the enterprise, small business and consumer markets.


28th February 2018

UST Global, Net4Things Partner on Connected Car Deployment

As the connected car grows worldwide, IoT companies, smart car platform providers and hardware specialist are partnering up. This includes a new deal between UST Global and Net4Things.


27th February 2018

Ericsson, Argus Partner on Connected Car Security

Ericsson and Argus are pooling their expertise to offer security tools for connected cars over the course of the vehicle's lifespan.


18th January 2018

Harman Looks to Customize the Ride-Sharing Experience

Ride-hailing passengers could easily transport their preferences from one vehicle to the next.