12th December 2019

Fisker Claims Coast-to-Coast Potential With Charger Tie-Up

Fisker claims a tie-up with an EV charger network could see its upcoming Ocean SUV achieve coast-to-coast touring capabilities. The Fisker Ocean will make its global debut at the...


1st November 2019

Fisker’s Coming BEV Hopes to Make a Splash

Niche automaker Fisker has published the first pictures of its upcoming BEV luxury sportscar, bizarrely dubbed the Fisker Ocean. The name, which some would have thought better suited to...


25th July 2019

Fisker’s First Solid State BEV

Fisker has shown off teaser images of its first BEV with solid-state battery and which also follows Hyundai’s lead by featuring a solar panel roof. The car claims to...


20th November 2018

A Leader in Autonomous Tech Has Yet to Emerge

Whether it’s a concept car, a pilot, or a press release, almost every US automaker has planted a flag in autonomy. Meanwhile, driver assistance systems get more and more...

By Susan Kuchinskas


EV Maker to Develop Bulk Electrode Batteries
24th October 2018

EV Maker to Develop Bulk Electrode Batteries

An electric vehicle maker says it is to develop EV batteries with bulk electrodes. The company, Fisker, claims this will make the batteries cheaper, safer, and quicker to charge...


17th July 2018

Minnows making waves in auto tech

Small players sounding off among the emerging technology assessed by Eric Volkman. As far as automakers are concerned, it’s the ‘Big Guys’ that dominate the conversation when the topic...