23rd November 2022

Software is the Cost Effective Branding Tool, Stellantis

While BEV powertrains and increasingly modular vehicle production challenge the automaker’s ability to differentiate its products, software could hold the answer. That’s the opinion of Stellantis’s chief software officer,...


23rd November 2022

Abarth Unveils its First Performance BEV in Europe

Fiat’s sports sub-brand, Abarth, has unveiled its first BEV competitor, the Abarth 500e, aimed at the European market. Drawing from its Fiat cousin, the Fiat 500e, the car promises...


27th October 2022

Stellantis’s World First Mass Production Hydrogen Vehicle Plant

Stellantis is claiming to have opened the first mass production automotive plant able to mass produce hydrogen powered commercial vehicles. The factory in Hordain, France, will begin series production...


13th June 2022

Stellantis Claims On-The-Go Charging a Reality

Stellantis claims its ‘Scalextric’ on-the-go EV charging project has shown the system is a fully robust and practical solution after months of testing. As TU-Automotive reported in December, the...


7th June 2021

Fiat Hints at Future Eco Smart City Focus for Products

Automakers could be heading towards a deeper relationship with smart, clean cities of the future as a way of tailoring their products for the new realities. This was the...


16th July 2020

PSA and FCA Reach For the Stars in Merger

The much publicized merger of the Groupe Peugeot Société Anonyme (PSA Group) and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is looking to the stars in a bid to rival both automotive...


5th March 2020

Fiat’s Baby BEV Boasts Near 200 Mile Range

Fiat’s first BEV maybe its ‘baby’ urban wonder 500 model but it is still claiming a 199 mile range between full charges. The boast, based on the ‘real-world’ WLTP...


13th June 2019

Fiat Ducato Van Will Go Electric Next Year

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced an electric version of the Ducato van will be available in 2020, launching a pilot scheme with “major clients”. This follows announcements from...


6th November 2017

Weekly Brief: Ford connected car hopes pinned on new cellular technology

Ford may be lagging behind with self-driving tech but it’s taking the lead on cellular technology with help from Qualcomm. Andrew Tolve reports. Imagine if your car could communicate...


17th October 2016

Weekly Brief: Daimler plans to pull the plug on EV charging angst

Research has shown that people greatly dislike manually charging their cars. Some owners live in shared housing estates or apartments where finding a plug is tough. Others are annoyed...


3rd May 2016

Weekly Brief: Beijing Motor Show launches suggest SUVs may revive Chinese auto market

It’s been a rough year for the Chinese auto market. Sedan sales are down 5.3%, minivans have slipped 17.5% and the outlook for mini cars and electric vehicles look...


3rd July 2015

Full infotainment suite for Fiat 500

For the first time on a Fiat 500, the embedded system features the full TomTom offering with fresh maps, a superior routing engine and includes five years of TomTom’s...