Executive Viewpoint

27th October 2017

Video: Driverless innovation being stifled by hesitant legislators, says Lyft


20th October 2017

Video: Cherry-picking connected car data is vital says Airbiquity


13th October 2017

Video: Vehicle swarming could hold the key to future public transport


6th October 2017

Video: Carmakers will depend on a mobility strategy to survive


29th September 2017

Video: Carmakers right not to fear connectivity, says Inmarsat


22nd September 2017

Video: UBI can only function when it’s smart, says Tourmaline Labs


15th September 2017

Video: The driverless vision becomes clearer with virtual prototyping, says Optis


8th September 2017

Video: Hybrid radio brings greater marketing power


1st September 2017

Video: Consumers say they’re ready for UBI, according to Willis Towers Watson


25th August 2017

Suppliers need to keep their heads in a driverless world

Safety first is a mantra that many of us aspire to achieve but it’s not one that’s always maintained. In commercial terms, an inability to put it at the...


28th July 2017

Ford believes carmakers will map better than Google

Self-driving vehicles sound like a dream come true but the realities may prove to be more difficult than people realise because, even in the early stages, they require a...


21st July 2017

Miles mean smiles for auto insurer

With so many insurers concentrating on a future strategy of UBI products, there’s a disrupter that is questioning the validity of the behavioural approach. US newcomer, Metromile takes a...