European Union

6th October 2022

Four-Year European Autonomous Project Launched

A four-year project to explore the practical application of driverless vehicles on European roads has begun. The European Union-funded Horizon Europe project ROADVIEW hopes to strengthen the continent’s competence...


9th January 2020

Calls for More EV Chargers Disregards Possible Flat Demand

It has been claimed that there will need to be 15 times more EV chargers in the EU by 2030 if it is to go climate neutral, according to...


30th May 2019

UK Government Clings to EV Pledge in Car Slump

A dramatic Brexit inspired slump in UK car production has seen the government attempt to deflect criticism by restating its commitment to advancing EV technology. While production figures for...


15th May 2019

Russia Torn Between East And West in Auto Connectivity

The majority of Russian first responders were connected to fleet telematic solutions in the past ten years thus reducing response time by up to 50% from the pre-connectivity era....

By Roma Nazarov


24th April 2019

Call to Retrofit EVs With ‘Engine Noises’ to Save Lives

While EVs sold in Europe from this autumn will start making noise, existing vehicles will still pose a hazard to pedestrians unaware of a vehicle’s approach. From September this...

19th February 2019

Satellite Providers Claim to Close Cellular Connectivity Gaps

The future of the connected car is orbiting in space. At least, that’s what proponents of satellite technology espouse. Satellite, of course, is the backbone of the GPS technology...

By Eric Volkman


ACEA Criticizes EU’s Electric Truck Charger Shortage
18th January 2019

ACEA Criticizes EU’s Electric Truck Charger Shortage

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has attacked the EU for maintaining a deficit of electric truck charging infrastructure. The ACEA has published a report claiming the shortage of...


12th December 2018

Honda Safe Swarm V2X Tech Looks DSRC Facing

Honda returns to CES next year to showcase its latest advances on V2X communications that works without cellular communication technology. The Honda Safe Swarm is the carmaker’s vision of...


11th December 2018

EU Gears Up For Billion Dollar Climate Fine For VW

Most carmakers are still sailing a course into swingeing punitive fines by the European Union for missing their CO₂ emissions targets with Volkswagen topping the list. That’s the assessment...


19th November 2018

BMW, Ericsson & Vodafone Pushing C-V2X Adoption in EU

A group of tech, telecom and auto heavyweights are lobbying the European Union to adopt C-V2X technology in the coming years.


12th June 2018

Driver Safety Trumps Data Security, Survey Indicates

Drivers want to use connected services and be safer on the road, but they are concerned about data protection and safety, according to a new industry study.


19th May 2017

Experts warn against focus on connected car hardware

Technology alone is not enough to roll out connected cars in Europe, auto-industry and European Union experts agree. The key, speakers say during the “Connected Cars Europe 2017” conference...