7th June 2018

GDPR: A Security Headache for Connected Car Makers & OEMs

EU's GDPR is now in full effect but car manufacturers are struggling with these new rules that force them to stop collecting information. In some cases, OEMs are being...


29th May 2018

EU Bets Truck Platooning Could Result in Huge Fuel Savings

The European Union is investing heavily in truck platooning to not only save fuel, but also to reduce accidents and make the transportation of goods more efficient.


22nd May 2018

GDPR May Be Slowing Connected Car Growth

The European Union's GDPR rules could be one factor in the slowdown of connected car sales. Automakers are also still trying to gauge the public's reaction to new technologies....


6th November 2015

Levelling the playing field for the driverless car: Part II

Catch up with Part I here>>>> Standards for the ‘Right’ Choice? The advent of automated driving may also lead to the requirement of standards for what could be described as...


2nd November 2015

Weekly Brief: AAA finds hands-free tech guilty of distracting drivers

Bad news folks: Hands-free technologies are just as distracting as touch screens in cars. New research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests that speech-activated, voice-to-text systems do...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


30th October 2015

Levelling the playing field for the driverless car: Part I

Barring an unforeseen development, such as a devastating economic downturn, an accident or other mishap that turns public opinion against the self-driven car or some technical issue that would...