7th February 2019

MaaS Set to Get Rolling in Stockholm

At the beginning of 2019, a commercial mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) operation will launch in the Swedish capital Stockholm offering households five mobility modes – public transport, car-sharing, rental cars, taxis...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


21st July 2017

Driverless cars can’t keep their robot heads in the Cloud

The humble on-board electronic control unit (ECU) has been handling data in autos for quite some time now but it could be getting a new lease of life as...


13th April 2017

Looking at a bright future for telematics after eCall

Long promised, very often delayed, deployment of the European eCall system is scheduled for April 2018, after which all new cars sold in Europe must be factory-equipped with the...


20th January 2017

Seeing a clear road to driverless tech

As sensing technologies continue to increase in resolution, they surpass simple detection and ranging functions and instead take on true “vision” functions in terms of classification and mapping. But...


15th September 2016

Driverless tech can’t rely on video games

Autonomous and ADAS-enhanced cars are now a reality on our roads. predicts that most cars will have some kind of automated features, reducing the driver to a co-pilot...


21st August 2015

The Disrupters: Urban mobility at risk of ‘falling off a cliff’

“Local and city authorities are standing on the edge of a cliff right now when it comes to urban mobility,” Lindholm said. “They need to make decisions on mobility...


ERTICO: Toward a "fully integrated and sustainable transport system"
24th October 2011

ERTICO: Toward a "fully integrated and sustainable transport system" has appointed Olivier Dombey as the company’s chief information officer.