29 Aug 2018

Hybrid Connectivity the Way forward for Driverless Cars, Says Ericsson

Connectivity is necessary but not a precondition for autonomous driving, Ericsson’s Juergen Daunis tells Louis Bedigian. The questions surrounding connectivity continue to linger as the auto industry tries to...


08 Aug 2018

Audi & Ericsson Testing 5G Technology in Vehicle Production

Audi and Ericsson see a future using 5G technology, which promises low latency and faster data throughput, to build vehicles.


06 Aug 2018

5G Backers Take Aim at Road Safety, Autonomous Cars

As the world gears up for mobile 5G deployments later this year, automakers, mobile operators and equipment manufacturers are creating new partnerships designed to bring autonomous technologies to life....


08 Jun 2018

Day Two TU-Automotive Detroit 2018: Partnerships and data to drive forward

The connected-car industry is coming together, for real. Susan Kuchinskas wraps up the second day in Novi, Michigan. Continued from Day One. The importance of breaking down siloes and...


27 Feb 2018

Ericsson, Argus Partner on Connected Car Security

Ericsson and Argus are pooling their expertise to offer security tools for connected cars over the course of the vehicle's lifespan.


09 Jan 2018

Winning the race for consumer confidence and data

The opportunities to make use of the huge data sets generated by connected and autonomous cars was a central theme at the 2018 Consumer Telematics Conference that brought together...


15 Dec 2017

Journeys on the edge: ADAS, data and edge computing

According to Recode magazine, “The future of advanced-edge computing is actually in autonomous cars”. The article says companies such as Intel, Nvidia, ARM, Harman and Qualcomm “see connected cars...


13 Nov 2017

Weekly Brief: Navya’s self-driving shuttle service launches with a crash

It took only two hours for this fancy new self-driving shuttle to get into a crash. Andrew Tolve reports. The first free self-driving shuttle service in America launched in...


08 Nov 2017

TU-Automotive Europe 2017: Day 2

Continued from Day 1 It is now almost common wisdom in the wider automotive ecosystem – and it was stated on both days of the TU-Automotive Europe conference in...


15 Sep 2017

5G is today’s need for speed

Once implemented 5G is anticipated to top out at speeds of roughly 20 gigabits per second, very far above even the quickest commercial fibre optics networks on the market...


14 Aug 2017

Weekly Brief: Intel plan to test driverless kit to suit any vehicle

Another titan of Silicon Valley is getting serious with self-driving cars. Andrew Tolve reports. With its newly minted $15.3Bn (£11.75Bn) acquisition of Mobileye in hand, Intel announced last week...


25 Nov 2016

Lights turning green for mobility tech in LATAM

Urban mobility is a key point when evaluating the quality of life in large cities. And in Brazil, where half of the 206M population lives in 25 urban conglomerates,...