Emissions Analytics

12th May 2023

Study Shows Low Mileage Drivers Should Avoid BEVs

Banning sales of new vehicles with internal combustion engines could only increase the automotive industry’s CO2 emissions, especially in regions like Europe and the UK. That’s the finding of...

15th February 2023

Now Vehicle Emissions Champion Joins Call to Stop ICE Bans

Exponents of ICE powertrains as the best way to reduce greenhouse gases in the near and medium term will be heartened by news that a vehicle emissions champion has...


17th May 2022

Database Launched to Track Most Polluting Vehicle Tires

Pressure is mounting to clean up the non-exhaust emissions of modern vehicles that account for about 60% of the average passenger vehicle’s total operating emissions. Now international vehicle emissions...


3rd February 2022

BEVs Costing UK More CO2 Production Than ICE

Vehicle emissions specialist Emissions Analytics is the latest large organization to call for governments not to rule out ICE powertrains in the drive for climate control. Its latest statement...

3rd December 2021

BEV Fixated Auto Industry Ignoring Tire Emissions

With a blinkered focus on tail-pipe emissions driving the rush towards BEVs, the industry is ignoring micro-plastic emissions from tires that can exceed ICE powertrain emissions. That’s the message...

6th March 2020

Tire Wear Pollution 1,000 Times Worse Than Tailpipes

Pollution from tire wear can be up to 1,000 worse than tail-pipe emissions and EV powertrains is adding to the problem. That’s the claim by independent vehicle testing specialist...