27 Jul 2018

Continental Partners With Argus & Elektrobit on Connected Car Security

The partnership will result in Argus and Elektrobit security tech installed on Continental's connected vehicle electronics products.


23 Jul 2018

Weekly Brief: BMW takes on Uber and Lyft in ride-hailing

ReachNow will offer car-sharing and ride-hailing through the same app interface. Andrew Tolve reports. BMW is ready to take on the big guns. In its latest urban mobility gambit, its ReachNow car-sharing service...


16 Feb 2018

Hooking up to the IoT with a clear conscience

The United States Senate will consider the SELF-DRIVE Act that will, among other things, require car makers to develop plans or automotive cyber security, while also directing NHTSA to...


16 Jan 2018

Weekly Brief: Self-driving cars run amok over CES 2018

Remember the halcyon days when consumer electronics were the stars of the Consumer Electronics Show? Andrew Tolve reports on how self-driving cars put an end to that. Last week...


04 Jul 2016

Weekly Brief: Tesla’s ‘killer robot’ raises fears for driverless tech

He was watching Harry Potter. That’s the eerie, almost cartoonish detail that automakers now must answer to in the wake of the first deadly accident involving a robot driven...


18 Jan 2016

Second guessing the big trends for the connected car in 2016

Okay, this was a bit of a fool's errand: Everyone in the industry already knows exactly what’s going to happen this year – and they won't tell us if...


30 Oct 2015

Plugging the drain of trucking talent with telematics: Part II

If you've missed Part I catch up here>>>> Parallel evolution Unfortunately, the development of autonomous trucks can't simply piggyback off work being done by automotive OEMs and tier 1s...


23 Oct 2015

Plugging the drain of trucking talent with telematics: Part I

The Inspiration is truckin' along. In May, Daimler Trucks North America set the first Freightliner Inspiration free on public roads in Nevada. The demo vehicle is the first licensed,...


19 Oct 2015

Weekly Brief: Abracadabra, Tesla Model S turns into self-driving car

The Tesla Model S went to sleep Tuesday night and awoke the next morning a self-driving car. Talk about an upgrade. It came over-the-air (OTA) as part of Tesla’s...