electric vehicle

9th January 2019

AV Tech Viewed with More Skepticism, Deloitte Study Finds

Despite major announcements at CES this week, a Deloitte study show a grow skepticism of AV technology in several major markets around the globe.


3rd January 2019

Tesla’s Price Cut Hints at Limits to EV Demand

A new SEC filing from Tesla shows that selling electric vehicle technology is more difficult than the marketing hype has indicated.


25th July 2018

Volta Grabs $32M to Develop Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Californian startup Volta is planning a major expansion of its ad-supported, electric vehicle charging stations. The company now has additional $32 million to make it happen.


23rd July 2018

UK EV Law Paves Way for Rapid Rollout of Charging Stations

The AEV Act is part of the UK's big push towards a future with autonomous, electrically powered vehicles.


25th June 2018

Gemalto, Faraday Future Partner on Connected Car Security

As the security needs for connected vehicles grow, Gemalto and Faraday Future are teaming up to thwart hackers from entering data flow systems.


21st June 2018

Daimler Turning Fossil Fuel Relic Into Battery Storage Center

Daimler has announced an ambitious plan to turn a coal-fired power plant into a battery storage and recharging center that can supply additional energy to the power grid.


20th June 2018

Ford Makes Michigan Central Station its Corktown Centerpiece

The massive Michigan Central Station building will become the centerpiece of Ford's Corktown district campus in Detroit, with a focus on autonomous vehicle development.


2nd April 2018

BMW, Daimler Merging Mobility Services Divisions

BMW and Daimler have joined forces to focus on the future of city travel by combining their respective mobility services divisions.


19th March 2018

GM Invests $100M to Build Cruise AV Cars in Michigan

GM is beefing up investment in two Michigan plants ahead of the company's planned commercial production of the self-driving Cruise AV.


20th February 2018

VW I.D. Vizzion Is All Electric & Fully Autonomous

The Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion is an all-electric, full-autonomous concept car that is designed for customers who can't drive and has a range of more than 400 miles.


7th February 2018

Elon Musk’s Tesla Boldly Goes Where No Tesla Has Gone Before

Elon Musk's own Tesla is taking a ride on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.


17th February 2017

Wireless charging: EV power via slot-car technology

As the drive to encourage electric-vehicle (EV) ownership gathers momentum, so does the desire to install automated recharging systems such as devices built into roads that top up batteries...