2nd March 2020

Weekly Brief: Trump’s ‘America First’ Driverless Double Standards?

The US government slammed the brakes on one self-driving shuttle service last week. Its move was in response to problems with the EasyMile service after one of its shuttles...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


31st December 2019

Detroit Driverless Binge to Push Tech and Acceptance

Autonomy will take to the streets next June during the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Except, they’re not calling it autonomy. “Automated” is the official term for the...

By Susan Kuchinskas


12th July 2019

Aussie Robo-Bus Service Goes Live

An autonomous vehicle developer is claiming the world’s first commercial robo-bus service in Australia. Via has announced its AV program, dubbed BusBot, is now fully operational and serving a...


9th July 2019

Continental Begins Series Production of Autonomous Sensors

Continental is readying itself for series production of the sensors required to deliver commercially available driverless mobility. It sees the vanguard of the technology being small autonomous shuttle buses...


Colorado Accelerates AV Uptake With Shuttle Service
31st January 2019

Colorado Accelerates AV Uptake With Shuttle Service

Colorado has become the latest state to trial a ‘last-mile’ autonomous vehicle shuttle service within a limited area. For the next four to six months, EasyMile will use electric...


21st September 2018

Driverless Trucks to Start Work With PSA

PSA Group will start using driverless vehicles to carry out logistics duties at its production headquarters in France. In a collaboration with autonomous vehicle specialist EasyMile, PSA has trialed...


28th January 2018

Robots will make fatal mistakes, Continental concedes

People killed by autonomous vehicles are an inevitable price to pay for a Vision Zero future. That’s the admission made by Dr Elmar Degenhart, chief executive officer and executive...


8th September 2017

Public-private JVs point the way for connected cars

Cities need to make themselves more liveable to attract residents and, especially, tax-paying businesses. A primary goal, then, for municipal and regional authorities is to reduce road congestion and...


19th June 2017

Weekly Brief: JLR ramps up driverless and EV plans

JLR on hiring spree while Uber’s CEO pays the price of multiple PR gaffs, Andrew Tolve reports. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will hire an extra 5,000 staff to boost its...