30th June 2022

Ducati BEV Racer Readies for Track Competition

Following successful track tests of the Ducati MotoE racer, the motorcycle manufacturer has released technical specifications of its new electric bike. While its sound is unlikely to stir the...


21st December 2021

Ducati MotoE Bike Takes to the Track

Ducati’s first BEV racing motorcycle took to the track for testing this week heralding a new era for the iconic Italian brand. Its bike took part in testing at...


22nd October 2021

Ducati BEV Racer on Course for Road Bike

That doyen of the sports motorcycle world, Ducati, has finally committed to its first all-electric motorcycle in the shape of a racer to compete in the FIM Enel MotoE...


16th October 2020

Ducati Unveils GranTurismo V4 Ahead of New Multistrada

Ducati has revealed details of its V4 Granturismo engine planned for the next generation Multistrada adventure tourer motorcycle. While the radically reworked Desmosedici powerplant from its sports and racing...


7th October 2020

Ducati Fires Up Production of World’s First Full Radar Bike

Ducati has begun mass production of its as yet unseen Multistrada V4 adventure tourer boasting a world first with radar sensors front and back. This technology not only brings...


14th May 2020

Ducati Enters e-Scooter Mobility Market

Iconic motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati is joining the e-scooter revolution presenting a range inspired by its most popular bikes. The Bologna factory has teamed up with MT Distribution to launch...


13th December 2019

Ducati Sees Connectivity and ADAS as Way Forward for Bikers

ADAS and connectivity are not always the first things on the mind of a prospective motorcycle customer but they are making inroads slowly changing consumer expectations. That’s the opinion...

2nd December 2019

VW Adds Two-Wheel China Charm Offensive

Volkswagen’s motorcycle brand, Ducati, has followed its parent company’s charm offensive on the lucrative Chinese market with two models making their debuts this autumn. Leading the charge at the...


21st May 2018

Bosch Gives Motorcycles a Shot at Safety Automation

While there are more passenger vehicles on the road than motorcycles, these bikes would benefit even more from advanced safety features and V2V communication. Bosch has a plan to...


20th April 2018

Ducati to bring ADAS to bikers

Italian motor cycle manufacturer Ducati is entering the field of sophisticated ADAS with plans to build bikes boasting radar monitoring front and rear in the next two years. The...


4th December 2015

It’s bike-to-basics to upsell connectivity

Back in the day, people only bought motorcycles because they couldn’t afford a car and this single imperative built the world dominance of the British motorcycle industry until its...


2nd July 2015

Safety takes centre stage with Multistrada’s airbags

Ducati’s unique tie-up with motorcycle clothing experts Dainese has seen one of its bike’s win a prestigious auto safety award thanks to the creation of airbags for both riders...