18 Oct 2018

Connected-Car System Should Give Way to WiFi, Cable Lobbying Group Argues

The NCTA has sent a letter to the FCC, arguing that commission should free up spectrum that auto industry isn't using to increased WiFi capacity. The Auto Alliance disagrees.


11 Sep 2018

Autotalks’ Dual-Mode Chipset Could Give Car-to-Car Wireless a Boost

With a new dual-mode chipset, Autotalk is looking to bridge the gap between DSRC and C-V2X technologies within connected cars.


29 Aug 2018

Hybrid Connectivity the Way forward for Driverless Cars, Says Ericsson

Connectivity is necessary but not a precondition for autonomous driving, Ericsson’s Juergen Daunis tells Louis Bedigian. The questions surrounding connectivity continue to linger as the auto industry tries to...


06 Aug 2018

5G Backers Take Aim at Road Safety, Autonomous Cars

As the world gears up for mobile 5G deployments later this year, automakers, mobile operators and equipment manufacturers are creating new partnerships designed to bring autonomous technologies to life....


31 Jul 2018

C-V2X better than DSRC, telecoms study claims

Two years of real-world cellular connectivity has proved C-V2X technology is the way forward for the connected car, a mobile telecoms network lobby group has claimed, reports Paul Myles....


30 Jul 2018

Connected services for fleets in ‘Auto Pilot’ mode

Susan Kuchinskas looks at opportunities to serve the autonomous fleet of the future. How will fleet telematics services change with autonomy? Some services will obviously disappear: good-bye, driver coaching...


18 Jul 2018

Carmakers Link Models Over C-V2X in Europe

A group of car makers demonstrated the viability of C-V2X technology in Europe last week to show how connected and autonomous cars can take advantage of the advent of...


04 Jul 2018

Hyundai Investing in V2X & V2V Specialist Autotalks

Hyundai is investing an undisclosed sum in Autotalks, an Israel-based V2X specialist. The technology will be a critical component to keeping self-driving vehicles in constant communication with each other.


08 Jun 2018

Cadillac Will Offer Super Cruise ADAS on All Models

Cadillac is expanding the reach of its Super Cruise ADAS platform at a time when the semi-autonomous vehicle technology is viewed with renewed skepticism.


29 May 2018

EU Bets Truck Platooning Could Result in Huge Fuel Savings

The European Union is investing heavily in truck platooning to not only save fuel, but also to reduce accidents and make the transportation of goods more efficient.


21 May 2018

Bosch Gives Motorcycles a Shot at Safety Automation

While there are more passenger vehicles on the road than motorcycles, these bikes would benefit even more from advanced safety features and V2V communication. Bosch has a plan to...


17 May 2018

Connected Car Delays Come Under Fire at NHTSA Hearing

During a Senate confirmation hearing, Heidi King, who has been nominated to lead the NHTSA, faced tough questions about preparing the country for connected and autonomous vehicles, as well...