DS Automobiles

6th September 2021

Weekly Brief: Heady EV Days for Start-Ups and Established Carmakers Alike

Genesis is the latest auto brand to join the onrush toward an all-electric future. The brand said last week that it plans to wave goodbye to internal combustion engines...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


31st August 2021

DS Promises to be a BEV Brand by 2024

Premium Stellantis brand, DS Automobiles, is upping the ante in the industry’s headlong dash into BEV powertrains by promising to field only all-electric vehicles from 2024. The automaker says...


4th February 2021

Latest DS Sticks with Proven PHEV Power

Citroën’s premium sub-brand DS adds the DS 4 mid-sized hatchback to the family sticking to its strategy of proven plug-in hybrid powertrains rather than full BEV. It announced this...


25th March 2020

Executive Cruisers Not Yet Ready for BEV, Says DS

The PSA Group’s largest executive cruiser was launched as a PHEV because its engineers still don’t see BEV as a practical long distance option. That’s the opinion of Vincent...


8th November 2019

DS Anti-Fatigue Monitoring to Boost Safety

DS Automobiles has pledged to bring in sophisticated driver fatigue monitoring technology ahead of European mandates due in 2022. The introduction of new laws passed earlier this year will...


18th October 2018

Style Not Power Will Sell the Cars of the Future, Says DS Autos

Engine power output will become largely irrelevant to future generations of car buyers and users more interested in lifestyle than mechanical prowess. That’s the opinion of Eric Apode vice-president...