15th December 2021

Accusations of Ride-Hailing Monopoly in the EAEU

Ride-hailing companies stifle competition in the taxi markets of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).  This is the bottom line under this year’s investigation by the...

By Roma Nazarov


9th December 2021

Government EV Strategy might Hinder Private Investments

Russia’s EV strategy 2030, issued by the government in August, suggested that the authorities are, finally, taking a steady course in green mobility. This was good news for the...

By Roma Nazarov


24th August 2021

Didi Ditches European Mobility Expansion Plans

Under fire ride-hailing company Didi has abandoned its expansionist plans to launch into the European market, reports the BBC. According to an insider, the broadcaster says the Uber rival...


7th December 2020

Weekly Brief: AV’s Green Shoots Thrive under Pandemic Concerns

AutoX became the first autonomous vehicle company to deploy fully driverless cars in China last week. The company is one of many that have been piloting AVs in China...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


20th July 2020

Weekly Brief: Ride-Sharers’ Desperate Battle for Their Future

Lyft expanded its safety measures to protect drivers and passengers against COVID-19 transmission last week. The ride-sharing company plans to supply vehicle safety partitions to 60,000 of its highly...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


22nd July 2019

Weekly Brief: BMW’s Latest Kowtow Chasing Chinese Driverless Cash

There’s a lot of buzz about self-driving cars in the West. Yet, with all the pilots underway on the autobahns of Germany to the sunny streets of Phoenix, Arizona,...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


1st June 2018

Fleets could spearhead driverless revolution

Future potential of cargo-only autonomous vehicles explored by Eric Volkman. In the future, certain autonomous vehicle manufacturers might cut the passenger out of the equation, at least to some...


14th May 2018

DiDi Research Gains Approval for AV Tests on California Roads

DiDi joins its Chinese rivals and a host of other OEMs and tech companies in the race to develop self-driving vehicles.


2nd May 2018

Didi’s Vision for Chinese Car Market Echoes Global Trends

China's Didi is making deals with a number of different OEMs, including Volkswagen, that could change the market for connected and autonomous vehicles throughout the globe.


16th April 2018

Weekly Brief: Uber Jump’s into entire transportation ecosystem

Uber prepares itself for an IPO with a broader focus on urban transportation. Andrew Tolve reports. It was a strange week for Uber. First, the ride-hailing giant reportedly spent...


18th January 2018

Toyota, Partners Want to Deliver People & Packages Autonomously

Along with Uber and Pizza Hut, Amazon, Mazda and ride-hailing company Didi are also involved in Toyota's plans.