29th June 2021

Global Auto Mobility Supply Chain: Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Era

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Fathi Tlatli.  Mr. Tlatli is President Global Automotive Sector at DHL, responsible for global team leadership, strategy and development of the...


4th August 2020

European Automotive Parts Supply Chain Complexity

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Mirko Woitzik.  Mr. Woitzik is Manager EMEA, Risk Intelligence at DHL – Resilience360, and based in Germany.  He is also the...


2nd April 2020

Bosch Claims AV Shuttles That Solve Problems

Bosch claims it has developed an autonomous shuttle that can fault check itself when on-board systems fail. The automotive supply giant says its Project 3F delivers “driverless and fault-tolerant...


23rd September 2019

Weekly Brief: Amazon Takes 100,000 EV Punt on Start-Up With No Sales

Delivery vehicles are a fixture of the US landscape. From brown UPS trucks to boxy white US Postal Service vans, from the glaring yellow of DHL to the purple...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


31st August 2018

AutoX Pilots Autonomous Grocery Delivery Service in California

The AutoX pilot program includes self-driving cars with temperature-controlled interiors. Customers place their orders through a mobile app. Self-driving vehicle startup AutoX is joining the race to provide autonomous...


2nd February 2018

Partnerships point the digital way for carmakers

Can the incumbent car manufacturers capitalise on the opportunities to profit from serving in-vehicle content to the car of the future? Recent examples suggest that some of that business,...


28th August 2017

Weekly Brief: Waymo uses secret VR world for self-driving cars

Think you know everything that self-driving car start-ups are up to? Not by a virtual mile reports Andrew Tolve. Until last week the race to build self-driving technology felt...


18th August 2017

Trains of trucks are on their way

The impression that many people get is that driverless cars may grab the headlines but semi-automated convoys of trucks are much closer to being seen on the nation's roads....


30th April 2015

How to turn your car into a safe-deposit box

In a move that could spell the end of parcels dumped with neighbours, left out in the rain or having a failed-delivery note pushed through the letterbox, the German...