18th October 2022

What Will Be the In-Vehicle Connectivity Gold Standard for ADAS?

The automotive market is very close to adopting the MIPI A-PHY standard for CSI-2 and the DSI-2 standard for connectivity. Daniel Shwartzberg, director of automotive system solutions at Valens...

By Graham Jarvis


20th January 2021

Automaker Blockchain Bid to end Used Car ‘Clocking’

Blockchain security technology is being used to prevent pre-owned vehicles having their digitally recorded mileage altered, or ‘clocked’, by unscrupulous sellers. The process of ‘correcting’ a vehicle’s recorded mileage...


11th December 2020

Governments Must Help Consortia Drive Autonomous Progress

There are a number of consortia being created to push the way for us all to see connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) on our roads. Nissan, for example, has...

By Graham Jarvis


10th March 2020

TomTom Claims Success in Fast AV Map Building

TomTom says it has proof of concept for fast building HD navigation maps required by driverless vehicles. The location technology specialist teamed up with Toyota Research Institute – Advanced...


21st November 2019

If Driverless Tech Can Crack India, It’ll Work Anywhere

The governments of most countries around the world are willing, if not necessarily eager, to aid in the development of advanced-level assisted driving. Yet, India is not ‘most countries’. ...

By Eric Volkman


22nd April 2019

Weekly Brief: Uber’s Toyota Backing Can Only Work When Robots Replace Drivers

Uber’s self-driving car division just got a billion-dollar vote of confidence from Toyota and friends. Uber revealed last week that Toyota and automotive supplier Denso will invest $667M in...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


TomTom, Denso Developing AV Systems
8th January 2019

TomTom, Denso Developing AV Systems

TomTom is partnering with software maker Denso for development of autonomous vehicle systems. TomTom says its AV mapping systems will be equipped to draw data from Denso’s in-vehicle camera...


18th September 2018

Nvidia Partnering to Bring Driverless Virtual Testing into Real World

Gaming giant Nvidia has announced a partnership it hopes will resolve discrepancies that arise between real-world and virtual driverless vehicle testing. It has signed an agreement with British drive...


5th March 2018

Weekly Brief: Toyota invests billions to build new self-driving car company

With Waymo set to deploy a commercial self-driving car service in Arizona in the coming months, the pressure is on for automakers to respond. Toyota answered the call last...


18th December 2017

Weekly Brief: Volvo dumps mass trial of full driverless tech

Volvo becomes the first carmaker to blink in the face of escalating pressure to get self-driving cars on the road. Andrew Tolve reports. Volvo’s plans to populate the streets...


1st September 2017

AR could point the real way forward

Research by Frost and Sullivan suggests that augmented reality heads-up displays (HUDs) will gain 10.4% of the European Union and North American market by 2025. The firm’s June 2015...


14th August 2017

Weekly Brief: Intel plan to test driverless kit to suit any vehicle

Another titan of Silicon Valley is getting serious with self-driving cars. Andrew Tolve reports. With its newly minted $15.3Bn (£11.75Bn) acquisition of Mobileye in hand, Intel announced last week...