12th March 2019

Daimler Says Connected Vehicles “Will Never Have 100% Security”

Connected vehicles will never be completely secure against hacking. Daimler’s director of user interaction, Georges Massing, made that admission in an exclusive interview with TU-Automotive. Massing discussed the development of artificial...


7th March 2019

BMW, Daimler Developing AV Tech Standards

BMW and Daimler are joining forces to develop technological standards for autonomous vehicles. The automotive giants announced the move at the Geneva Motor Show, Reuters reported. They said the...


22nd February 2019

BMW, Daimler Invest Over €1BN in Mobility JVs

BMW and Daimler are investing over €1BN in combining their mobility services. The automakers have announced “up to 1,000 new jobs” will be created by the merged services, with...


12th February 2019

Daimler Study Finds EVs, Shared Mobility Unpopular

A Daimler study has found very little appetite among German consumers for either electric vehicles or car-sharing schemes. The automaker’s Smart marque joined forces with market research agency Forsa...


9th January 2019

Standardized Neural Networks Could Help Machine Learning

The ever increasing volume of data captured by technology continues to transform the nature and direction of business activities across the globe and the automotive sector is no different....

By Andrew Williams


31st December 2018

Daimler Launching New Mercedes, EV/AV/CV Plans

Daimler is to premiere two new Mercedes-Benz cars and unveil its mobility and autonomous, connected, and electric vehicle plans at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. The new Mercedes-Benz EQC, which...


28th December 2018

Electric Supercars Cater to the Eco-Conscious Ultra-Wealthy

In 2018, many of the world’s top automakers went electric, boasting eye-watering acceleration and wallet-emptying price tags.


27th December 2018

AV Test Centers Boom Due to ‘Less Liability’

Ford, Daimler, and FCA were among the global players building brand new test centers in 2018 - and turning legacy infrastructure into future proving grounds.


21st December 2018

BMW-Daimler Mobility JVs Approved by US Regulators

BMW and Daimler’s mobility joint ventures have been approved by US antitrust regulators, following their conditional approval by the European Commission’s competition authorities. The ventures are in the “car-sharing,...


11th December 2018

EU Gears Up For Billion Dollar Climate Fine For VW

Most carmakers are still sailing a course into swingeing punitive fines by the European Union for missing their CO₂ emissions targets with Volkswagen topping the list. That’s the assessment...


9th November 2018

EC Approves Daimler-BMW Mobility JVs

The European Commission has approved six joint mobility ventures from Daimler and BMW, subject to conditions. The JVs will entail the automakers pooling their resources in the parking, charging,...


9th November 2018

Autonomous Trucking Seen as Boosting Safety, Reducing Costs

Autonomous trucks are on the way, but many global transport companies feel the high cost of investment is a deterrent to adoption, a survey finds.