18th May 2023

Toyota JV Micro BEV Deliver Van Debuts at G7

Toyota has teamed up with two other automakers to debut a micro-sized BEV delivery LCV for its domestic market coinciding the G7 summit in Hiroshima. The vehicle uses a...


28th July 2022

Japanese Automakers Exploring Replaceable Commercial BEV Batteries

A Japanese automaker consortium is exploring the possibilities of creating replaceable and rechargeable cartridge batteries for future commercial BEVs The move could diffuse much of the resistance among fleet...


20th July 2022

Japanese Automakers’ Association to Explore Clean ICE Potential

Toyota has joined with other Japanese automakers to establish an organization tasked with finding new fuels to allow ICE powertrains to take part in lowering greenhouse gases. It has...


1st March 2022

Cyber Attack Shuts Toyota’s Japanese Plants

A cyber attack thought, to be from Russia, has forced Toyota to shut 14 of its domestic production plants as one of its major suppliers fights to recover computer...


28th April 2021

Japanese Automakers Take on Telcos in V2V Comms Battle

A group of Japanese automotive giants are taking up the digital cudgels in a bid to grab the initiative in the battle with telecoms companies for dominance in the...


22nd May 2020

Building Connected Ecosystems for Branded Revenue Streams

The automotive industry continues its slow trudge towards autonomous technology. Yet, this is the time carmakers are busy considering how best to create and nurture innovative content ecosystems that...

By Andrew Williams