18th June 2018

BlackBerry & DMC Insurance Partnering on Fleet Management

BlackBerry and DMC Insurance will use BlackBerry's Radar platform to help organizations keep closer track of their fleet assets, which could result in lower insurance costs.


3rd May 2018

Startup Regulus Cyber Raises $6.3M, Launches Pyramid Suite

In addition to its $6.3 million funding round, Regulus Cyber also launched its Pyramid module, which is designed to prevent cyber attacks on a self-driving vehicle's sensors.


17th April 2018

Automakers Must Do More for Connected Car Security

A survey finds widespread concerns about the measures OEMs are taking to ensure security in connected vehicles. Among brands, Tesla comes out on top.


19th March 2018

5G & Edge Computing: Enabling Autonomous Vehicles

The rollout of 5G, combined with the ability to compute on the edge, is allowing for new developments in V2V and V2I communications. Here's why low latency and gigabit...


28th February 2018

California Okays Driverless Cars but Demands Cybersecurity

The Golden State is looking to pave the way for driverless cars and other autonomous vehicles, but California lawmakers also want a degree of cybersecurity baked in.


27th February 2018

Ericsson, Argus Partner on Connected Car Security

Ericsson and Argus are pooling their expertise to offer security tools for connected cars over the course of the vehicle's lifespan.


29th January 2018

BlackBerry’s Jarvis Aims to Stop Driverless Car Hacking

BlackBerry's Jarvis software scans binary files in search of flawed coding.


26th February 2016

Cyber threats go beyond the boundaries of vehicle control

Q: What are the top threats to cybersecurity in the automotive industry? “One is an industry focus on quality control rather than quality assurance. In general, quality control means...


29th January 2016

Legal issues with cyber security too important to ignore

Gail Gottehrer will be speaking at TU-Automotive Cyber Security USA 2016. Q: What are the top threats to cyber security in the automotive industry? “Today’s car is essentially a...


18th January 2016

Keeping cyber hands off your steering wheel

Q: What are the top threats to cybersecurity in the automotive industry? “I think right now the top threats are really shifting to remote attacks. Attacks like to Bluetooth...


28th October 2015

Is the connected car industry ready to succeed?

The industry was grappling with some mature issues at the Telematics West Coast 2015 conference. As consumers begin to accept and even demand connected vehicles, and penetration increases, so...


Cybersecurity and data are hot topics for TU-Automotive Detroit
18th May 2015

Cybersecurity and data are hot topics for TU-Automotive Detroit

What are the key new topics for TU-Automotive Detroit this year? There seems to be growing interest in the concept of Connected Mobility. Also, automotive cybersecurity seems to be...